Sunday, 20 October 2013


You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while.
 I'm currently doing a 5 week course  in 
At DFMA Makeup Academy. I am pleased to say I am part of the DFMA Pro Team !  
This takes up alot of my time juggling the course and my job throughout the week. I have 3 weeks left and will then be back to normal and have blog posts up weekly !  
I just want to say thank you for everyone being so patient and not un-following me ! and a big hello to all my new followers !

Here are a couple photos from the course so far :) 

( The model in the picture is only 18!)
 EyeBrow Blocking 
24hrs Dead Makeup
 Liner and Lips 

I will soon do a post all about DFMA so please feel free to ask my any questions and I will happily answer them.

A big thank you to you all again !
See you all Soon !

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Starting Off: Blusher

Blusher is one of the hardest things to get right. There are so many shades to choose from. When I first started using blusher I did not have a clue were to start ! I remember buying the brightest pink I could find and smothering my cheeks with it ! Its safe to say I looked awful. I then moved on to the brightest orange I could find as you can see it just gets worse and worse. So here I shall give you a little guide to blusher and help you make sure it doesn't ruin the beautiful makeup you want to achieve.

First of all choose what type of blusher you would like to use.
There are more available but these I personally think are best for beginners.  

Cream: Use sparingly and blend very well. Cream blushers are very well pigmented so can come out very strong. Best applied with fingers. 
Powder: Best for oily skin. Applies well and can be very pigmented depending on the brand or product you choose.  This is the most commonly used out of all the blushers you can get. Apply with a blusher brush.
Tint: Needs to be applied fast as it drys so quickly. This may take a few goes and need some practice. The tint can go a little streaky and once dried will not budge until you take it of so make sure it is perfect !  

What shade is best for you ? 
Here is just a little brief guide on what to pick just to be safe to start with.  

Pale skin - Light Pinks
Medium Skin- Peachy/orangey shades 
Dark skin - Rosie /dark pink shades

once you pick the blusher you want and the shade you want its time to apply !
First apply all your foundation, concealer etc.

Use a small sized blusher brush to apply. Suck in cheeks to make a fish like face and apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks. 
Make sure you apply a tiny amount at a time ! I can not exaggerate this enough due to how bad mine used to look !
You can always add more if needed. 
Make sure you blend it in well almost as if its not there and its just a natural tinge to your skin.
Then your good to go !

Here are a few of my favs at the moment.

                                      Rimmel Stay Blushed              Blsuhers from My Makeup Kit                                                    
                                                       Mac Pink Blush                                  Mac Happy Together                                          
Thanks for reading ! 

Starting Off : Bronzer

 Bronzer  is quite simple and easy to use and so easy to apply. The most important thing to choose for Bronzer is which shade you pick.

Bronzer is mainly used to make your face look more tanned. However it can also be used to contour. Contouring can be used to give an illusion for a new face shape  and create shadows to make the face look slimmer.   
Some people even use bronzer instead of a blusher. I have to admit I am guilty of this when going for a natural day look.

So the types of bronzer you can buy are 

Powder: By far the most common! Best suited for oily combination skin. Can also be used for an eye shadow if you even forget to pack any or run out ! Apply easly with a brush. Matt finish

Liquid: Glossy glowing finish. Blends well with foundation. Can be tricky to get this product perfect. Apply with fingertips or sponge.   

Cream: Used more commonly in winter months. Best suited for dry skin as it helps moisterise. Apply with brush, fingertips or sponge.

How to apply 
( Make sure you have applied foundation and concealer first)
I personally like to apply my bronzer with a brush.  Choose a wide. fluffy brush which is slightly rounded at the top. This will help give an even finish as you don't want patchy dots all over your face.  

Apply The bronzer onto areas that the sun will naturally tan the face. So apply to the top of the forehead, across the cheekbones and along the jawline. Also to help stand at a window with a mirror and see were the light hits your face. 

Apply very little at a time !  Bronzer is very easy to build up but if you apply to much you will have to take it all of and start again !!
Make sure the bronzer is blended in with the rest of your makeup for a smooth none patchy finish.

Here are some I use 

                                                         Kiko Trio Blusher                         Calvin Klien Blusher                                            

                                      M&S Cream Shimmer Bronzer                    N0 7 Mosaic Bronzer                                            

Thanks for reading !