Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I am in love with lush products and always ask for the lush gift sets for birthdays and Christmas. In a recent gift box that a friend got me for my birthday was the lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. The Lip scrubs are available in 3 different flavors Bubblegum, Popcorn and Mint Julips. Personally my favorite is the Bubblegum flavour. With each pot you get 25g of product. This may seem a small amount but they usually last up to a good 3 months ! I also think the price is quite reasonable at £5.25 but i didn't pay for mine individually as i received it in the gift box. 

The Lip Scrubs are made from castor sugar (great for exfoliating and adds the nice taste) and jojoba oil (very moisterising)  with a little added flavoring to make them taste amazing. To apply the scrub apply a small amount to your finger. Don't use to much at a time as you don't want to over exfoliate the lips. In gentle circular motions rub your lips with the scrub. Keep going until you feel your lips are smooth and dry skin free. Now for the best part ! You can either wipe away the excess scrub left over or simply lick it away. I prefer the second option and to lick the remainder of the scrub as it is so yummy ! 

If you have a sweet tooth and like the taste of candy floss then the Bubblegum flavour is definitely the one for you. I also prefer the colour of this scrub as from my blog you can probably guess i love anything pink.
If you are a lush fan then you will most likely have used or seen the Snow Fairy product which only comes out at Christmas, Well the lip scrub smells exactly the same as that ! If your not sure what product Snow Fairy is the lip scrub smells deliciously sweet and a lot like candy floss and tastes exactly the same !  

To buy this product you can visit your nearest lush store or click the link and visit Lush and order online.

Have you used any of the lip scrubs ? What flavour is your favourite ?

Thanks for reading ! 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Topshop Lipstick & Lip-gloss

For the review on the Eye Shadow Trio please click the link - Topshop Eye shadow Trio

As i was looking through the makeup section in Topshop The Glaze lip-glosses and lipsticks stood out to me. I have been looking for a bright pink lipstick for a while as i am starting to run out of the one i currently wear. So i needed wanted to get the lipstick but the lip-gloss just appeared in my hand when i got to the tills to pay ! 

I decided to buy the lip-gloss in a shade called Bubblegum. I love all things bubblegum so i'm guessing this was just another sign that I should purchase the lip-gloss and I am so pleased that I did. The colour is a lovely subtle pink. I was a little worried the lip-gloss would be a little bland but it definitely has a lovely colour to it. The gloss is very shimmery as it has little flecks of glitter inside the gloss which makes it even more pretty and girly. 

The product itself also stays on very well and is long lasting. I have been wearing it all day and have only had to top it up once. 
The lip gloss is £7 which i feel is quite reasonable as it is such a lovely gloss.

Now on to the lipstick! I absolutely love this shade. Although it is very bright so maybe it's not to everyone's liking. The shade I decided to get is called Bombshell. If your anything like me when you buy a lipstick you cant wait to get home to try it on. As soon as i left the shop I put the lipstick on and I can happily say it lasted me for the rest of the shopping trip! (around 3 hours also had a drink and it didn't budge) The lipstick is a little patchy when  first applied but i found as i put more on and rubbed my lips together it soon smoothed out. This may also be because I need to wear it in a bit yet. The lipstick is a little expensive at £9 but i think the price is justified with how long lasting it is as you wont have to keep reapplying. The lipstick does have a slight shine to it as you can see in the picture but overall is more matte than shiny. 

I applied the lip-gloss on top of the lipstick. This adds another great look! The lip-gloss tones the lipstick down giving it a more subtle look and a lovely deep pink shimmery effect. I would recommend buying a lip-gloss and a lipstick as you can have 3 great shades and also adds to the lasting power.

You can purchase both products at Topshop.

Have you tried any of the Topshop Lip-glosses or lipsticks ? I would love to hear your opinion 

Thanks for reading ! 

Topshop Atmosphere Eye Shadow Trio

For the review on the Topshop Lipstick and Lip-gloss click the link - Topshop Lipstick & Lip-gloss

The first thing i look at when i go into Topshop is the makeup but have never actually bought any. This is the first time I have bought makeup from Topshop and I can happily say I am not disappointed. After reading other beauty blogs Topshop Makeup makes a regular appearance so i thought its about time i stopped looking and started buying.

On the display I noticed the Metallic Eye Shadow trio palette. So like any girl I stuck my fingers into the tester to see how the colour appeared on the back of my hand. I was really surprised with the texture of the eye shadows as they were so smooth and soft almost like a creamy silky feeling but are all powder. I then knew I was not leaving the shop until I had a palette of my own!

 Metallic is coming into trend this summer so thought this would be great for my holiday. I  also feel comfortable traveling with this palette as the casing seems durable and shatterproof. I also love the quirky design on the lid.

The Palette costs £14 which I feel is reasonable as long as the eye shadows last. They are highly pigmented so i'm sure they will as you wont have to apply a great amount when using.

I decided to go with the Atmosphere palette which includes metallic purple, gold and green. I have green eyes and through experience know that these colours are amazing for enhancing green eyes. All the eye-shadows are highly pigmented which is great for long lasting colour. I love that with these colours you can have a subtle look during the day by applying a small amount of product, but can build the colour intensity up for a more glamorous look on nights out and special occasions.

The colours all blend so well together and give a really pretty look. 

Here is a quick picture I took to show you how well the colours come out . For this look I used mainly the green eye shadow

You can purchase the palette from the website at Topshop

Thank you for reading. Have you used any of the Topshop Eye-shadows ? What would you recommend?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick

I love the new Chubby Sticks that Clinique have recently stocked up there shelves with. On first Impression i thought that the Chubby Sticks would not have much colour to them and be more like a lip balm. I was pleasantly surprised as the Chubby Sticks are like a lipstick and moisturizing lip balm in one! The colour comes out very strong and also lasts well considering how moisturizing it is.

The Chubby Sticks are quite expensive at £16 each. Look out for when Clinique are doing special offers where you receive a little gift pack when you spend over a certain amount. At the moment you usually get a Free Chubby Stick ! Although it is slightly smaller than the original product. The Chubby sticks are a unique pencil style design. The applicator has a easy twist mechanism at the end to raise the content up from the tube. Just twist the silver section at the bottom. 

I would certainly  recommend one of these Chubby Sticks. They really do look nice and compliment all makeup. They are available in 16 shades so i'm sure you can find the perfect shade for you. They really do moisturize your lips leaving them soft and looking great. The texture of the product itself is very similar to lip balm and doesn't feel slimy or sticky at all. I have now got 3 of the Chubby Sticks in different shades they are great to have in your makeup and handbag ! 

You can buy the Chubby Sticks at Clinique. You can also buy the product in high street stores such as boots. 

Has anyone else tried the Chubby Sticks ? I would love to hear your feed back ! x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gosh Eyebrow Palette

I have always hated my big bushy brows ever since i can remember. I have always had brows that take a lot to tame so couldn't have been happier when recently big brows have come in to fashion. This has also saved me a lot of money as i don't have to keep getting them waxed every 3 weeks (yup they grow that quick !).

 As i have always had strong brows i never felt the need to put any product on them until i trained at DFMA and was shown the difference it makes. Eyebrows really define features and frame the face. When i first drew my eyebrows on i hated it and felt like they took over my face. The key is to apply a little at a time its much easier to apply more than it is to take away. So start slowly and build them up. You will then feel more comfortable with how they look and it wont be such a shock. We don't want any furry caterpillars going on ! 

So i decided to try out the new Gosh eyebrow Palette. You can buy Gosh products at Superdrug. The eyebrow palette costs £8.49 which i think is a good price not to expensive but a price were i will expect good quality. Superdrug was also doing a 3 for 2 offer across all cosmetics at the time so that's a added bonus. You get three different browns that you can use to match to your eyebrows. Its also a good idea to mix the colours together to get an exact match. Personally i just use the darkest brown on its own as my brows are very dark. Once you have applied the brow powder you then set what you have done so far with the wax which is in the bottom right corner. This helps tidy the brows and really helps to stop the powder smudging and keeps them in place all day long. It also comes with a little eyebrow brush applicator which is also a good quality and very easy to use and direct the brush. 

gosh eyebrow palette

I would recommend this palette its definitely worth the money and i wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It also comes with a little booklet with a step by step guide to help you apply so great for beginners. 

A quick tip to remember when doing eyebrows 
" Eyebrows are sisters not twins" 
So don't feel the need to match them up perfectly as no one has exact matching brows.

The picture below shows how much slightly shading in your brows can make such a big difference.

You can buy the Gosh Eyebrow Palette at Superdrug.

Thank you so much for reading. If anyone else has used the Gosh brow palettes i would love to know what you think !

Monday, 10 June 2013

Review on Naked Palette 2

Urban Decays Naked Palette 2 although quite pricey at £36.00 has got to be one of my favorite eye shadow selections. Every eye shadow is well pigmented and you can really see the colour come out when you apply. I use the palette regularly and the shadows are definitely long lasting. So once you have purchased the palette you wont have to worry about buying a new one for a long time.

I really like the design urban decay have used for the palette. I have a love for all things girly so loved the ribbon that is around the packaging. You also receive a lovely long lasting lip gloss which also compliments all colors in the palette. Another great item you receive is the double ended urban decay eye shadow brush which is worth £14.50 on its own. The brush is a great quality and is great to have in your makeup bag.

 The casing is quite tough and durable so you wont need to panic if you drop the palette or knock it around in your bag which is a added bonus as i can be very clumsy. I also think it is a great that each eye shadow has a name. The name is also placed under each shadow so is much easier than having to keep looking at the back of the case or on a little booklet which i know i would lose. This will really help make up artists in the industry with tutorials, writing notes, and passing on looks to other make up artists. from previous experience it can be very annoying trying to copy a look with no idea what colours to use !

Here is a look i done earlier using some of the colors from the palette.

The colours i used are


After doing a little research you can find the palettes on eBay and Amazon for a little cheaper than the high street shops. Just make sure they are 100% genuine when buying online. I bought my palette on the plane so it wasn't full price as it was duty free. Its coming up to holiday time now so make sure you have a look out for the palette at the airports as well as on the plane if your looking to buy the eye shadows.

To buy visit House of Fraser 

Please let me know what you think of the palette and I would love to hear your opinions ! so please comment.