Thursday, 29 August 2013

Barry M Touch Of Magic Lip Paint

The first time I ever saw this lipstick was years ago when I was at school ! I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. Now years later I have finally purchased my own. And its still as amazing as it was all them years ago !

I do have to thank Kammi from for convincing my to buy this :) 

So you must be wondering why the hell it is green! As you apply the green lipstick it magically turns pink from the alkali on your lips. This does mean everyone shade will be different  depending on your alkaline levels. You could end up with a very pale pink colour or a vibrant cerise pink. 

I love the fact that everyone who uses this lipstick will have their own unique shade! 

So you can buy this Lipstick at most boots and superdrug stores. I cant seem to find this shade online so your best bet would be to look in a local shop. The lipstick's price is £4.49 which I think is great. 
As you an see below the lipstick is in shade TMLP. This stands for Touch Of Magic Lip Paint. 
I actually love that name I think it makes the lipstick sound very cute and girly.   

 So if you don't believe me and think i'm trying to fool you into buying a green lipstick, here is a picture of me applying the product.

I just love the shade that the lipstick creates for me. The lipstick feels very smooth and nourishing to your lips. I am quite surprised as I thought the colour changing effect could be very drying but this is not the case at all. Another great thing about this lipstick is how long it lasts on your lips ! I put this on around 6pm and didn't take any of before bed (whoops) When I woke you could still see the product! It had faded a little but was still noticeable. So this lipstick is great for when you only want to apply once or twice a day as it almost stains the lips a lovely pinky tone. If you are worried about the product staining just apply a little lip balm before applying the product and the barrier should stop the staining.    

So here is the complted look. I have applied 2-3 coats to make the shade a little more vibrant. The lipstick texture gives a lovely added shine. But as you can see the product does soak into the skin and stains the lips.  Personally I have no problem with this as I feel it makes the product last longer.

Would you like to try a colour changing lipstick ? Whats your favourite BarryM shade ?

Thanks for reading !