Sunday, 28 September 2014

Zoella Beauty

I was so happy to find out Zoella Beauty was launched the same day as I got payed !
 I was at Superdrug first thing Friday morning and the first person to buy every single product. 
I felt a bit bad for ruining the display!  

First of all I have to say the prices are really not what I was expecting. They really are very reasonably priced. I can definitely see all these products becoming part of my everyday beauty routine. 

So here is a price list so you can all see what a great bargain each item is.

Let’s Glow Fragranced Candle – £5
Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist – £8
Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer – £5
Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream – £5
Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion – £5
Guinea Pig & Eyes Makeup Bag/ Pencil Case – £8

The packaging is just gorgeous. Its very girly but sophisticated. These products will look amazing displayed together in your bedroom or bathroom.

All the beauty products just smell amazing. A lovely warming fruity smell that you could wear all year round.  The smell is not to strong and overpowering but you can definitely tell you have used the products.
 I am sure a lot of young adults and teens will be very interested in this range, So these products are great for young girls venturing into there first experiences of beauty products.

My favourite product from the Zoella range has to be the Blissful Mistful. This is the perfect size to have in your handbag for top ups on the go. It also looks lovely and girly in my bedroom. Another added bonus is this mist actually contains vitamin E so is great for your skin!   

I also love the Fizz Bar. This is such a creative idea. Depending on weather you put 1 or 2 squares in the bath with you, This bar can last up to 8 uses! I love the packaging it feels like your opening a little present. I also love how the bar is like a chocolate bar. 

I couldn't decide which makeup bag I liked the most so in the end at only £8 I decided to buy both. I promise I never had the intention of buying both ! You never know when your going to need a makeup bag now I will be prepared ;)
With the makeup bags having the plastic shiny coating they are going to be very easy to clean and will always look brand new if you look after them. 

Each product is of great quality and I can see lasting. 
If you would like to buy any of the Zoella Range just pop over to Superdrug.

Whats your favoutite product from the Zoella Beauty range ? 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

TED BAKER Pout and Prejudice 3 Lipstick Set

Its that time of year again ! Boots have the Christmas Gifts sets back on the shelf's. 
Now I am sure you all know by now that I do love myself a good bargain. I always take a little look at the Christmas gift sets as you always seem to get a bit more for your money, Or even better a limited edition set. There is nothing wrong with buying yourself a little present (well I tell myself that anyway) 

This little set comes in a gorgeous metal tin. The lid has a lovely vintage design with cute houses in gorgeous pastel colours, So cute! The tin is perfect for keeping your lipsticks in or storing anything you like in there . Its a great size so perfect to pop in your bag when your on the go.  

So here are the three shades we have Nude, Peach and Red. They are a lovely little Treo and although are quite similar shades they all look very different on, I also love the design of the lipsticks themselves. The Classic Ted Baker baby pink teamed with rose gold is definitely a winner for me!
All the lipsticks have the same texture which is very moisterising and creamy. They are a delight to put on as they feel so soft and nourishing.

 So the first of out three shades is Nude. I love this shade, It gives a beautiful subtle shine. This will definitely compliment any outfit or eye makeup. It really is the perfect shade of nude. Its not too light which can sometimes give the "foundation lips" look. And it's not to dark so it will suit every skin type. 
 Moving on to the second shade we have Peach. Its a beautiful pinky tone. This vibrant pink will really compliment all makeup. If your looking to add a girly touch to your outfit or makeup, Peach is a great shade to reach for.  
 Last but not least we have shade Red. Now this has to be one of my favourite red lipsticks. The pigments in this red are just perfect. Its a lovely creamy red which is very vivid but at the same time very subtle. Its a very pinky red so gives a lovely girly finish. Some red lipsticks you can spend forever perfecting as you have to get it just right, However this Red applies very easily and quickly. 

These are great to keep in your bag on the go or gorgeous to keep for special occasions. You can use your Nude lipstick during the day and glamorise your look with the gorgeous Red in the evening for a whole new style. If you would like to purchase this set please visit Boots. At only £15 this makes each lipstick only £5!  The quality is amazing for this price. I may even buy myself one more set as I know these shades will be dearly missed when they run out!

Whats your favourite shade from this gorgeous Treo ? 

Friday, 22 August 2014

My V Festival experience

At the weekend I was lucky enough to go to V FESTIVAL !! My beautiful best friend entered a raffle at ASOS and won some FREE TICKETS ! I was lucky enough to be picked to go along with her. 
I was a little nervous at first as I had never been to a festival before. I don't really do well in crowded places but didn't want that to make me miss an amazing opportunity. So I packed my rescue remedies and headed of to my friends to get the weekend started. 

We met another friend on the route to Cheslmsford and somehow ended up in Billericay (In essex not wales!) That will teach us to look were the train is going next time! 
However we still got to V early enough to not miss anything. 

Festivals look a lot busier in pictures and on the TV than they are in person. I was fine all day and had nothing to worry about. 

During the day I got to see a lot more artists than I thought I would.  In total we saw 
All Saints
George Ezra
Pixie Lott 
John Newman 
Ed Sheeran (Amaaaazing)
Blondie (on the way out)

Not bad for 1 day ! 
So below I have my favourite pictures of the day.

As I had never been to a festival before I didn't really know what to wear. I did a lot of hunting on fashion blogs for some festival looks. So with a few ideas in mind I had a look online and bought my outfit. 
I decided to go for a crochet top with a fringed bottom which was in the New Look Sale. 
A Kimono from Cameo Rose which was also in the New Look sale for just £12!
The shorts I already had again from New Look. I also already had my wellies which I hadn't had a chance to wear yet and they are from George at Asda.  I also added some flowers in my hair with a flowery head band from Clair's Accessories. 

I couldn't help myself and bought some of the merchandise that was on offer at the festival. I had my mind set on not buying anything but then I had such an amazing day and everything was Mint green which is my favourite colour. It would have been wrong not to ;D 
As I am a massive hoarder I have kept every bit of memorabilia possible. So I have my train ticket, bus ticket,V ticket etc (which is soon to hang on my mirror). Anyway me rambling on, we needed to buy a program to find out what time each artist was on but they were £10. Which I think is far to expensive. So we all split the price and I got to keep everything inside the pack as my lovely friends knew I was collecting everything possible from the day.    

I really did have such an amazing time. It was such a great day we had perfect weather which was a bonus. It was great to experience something new. I hope to start going to festivals from now on as I enjoyed it so much and i'm sure my friends feel the same. The only thing I would change for next years festival is to make sure I have glitter lots and lots of glitter!  
Also a fun game to play during the day is who can spot the most " Short Shorts" and the "Short Shorts of the day". 
Just make sure you don't get caught or things could get a bit awkward. 

I just want to say a big thank you to Nadine who invited me to come along with her as I would have never known how much I loved festivals without her. She is an amazing photographer so check her website out!

Thanks For Reading !

I would love to hear all about your festival experiences so leave them in the comments!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Peony Petal Blusher Mac

I have recently been looking to build up my makeup kit with a few more MAC products. As I have been doing a lot of weddings recently, I wanted a subtle pretty blusher that looks very natural. So I decided to take a trip to the MAC counter and see what colours they had. I was not disappointed. 

After playing around with hundreds of colours and my hands looking like pink patchwork, I decided to go for shade Peony Petal. Its a satin blusher so leaves a gorgeous matte finish which looks so natural. The colour is a beautiful cool pink with a blue tone to it. Perfect for summer or winter.  The pigment is a great quality so depending on how much you apply can be very vivid. However this blusher blends like a dream so perfect for natural contouring.  

This will definitely be in my makeup kit from now on and I cant wait to use it on the rest of this years brides.
If you would like to purchase Peony Petal blusher visit MAC. This blusher is the same price as all MAC blushers at £18. This is more expensive than a high street blusher however, as the blusher is so pigmented you wont need to use so much at a time so I can see this blusher lasting.     

Thank you so much for reading ! 
Whats your favourite MAC blusher ?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Kiko Exotic Shine Lipstick 03 Opulent Coral

One of my favourite cosmetics brands at the moment has to be KIKO. The quality of all the products are very impressive without the high price tag, Which is every makeup artists dream. I recently went back to Marbella and made sure I visited the Puerto Banus KIKO store. I would love for KIKO to have more local stores in the UK, As I love the colourful makeup heaven atmosphere you get inside every store. 

I have always loved the look of an orange lipstick. I have been a bit more daring with colours lately and as soon as I saw this beautiful lipstick it went straight into my basket. I love the gold packaging as it makes the lipstick stand out and look just that bit more special. 

So I decided to buy shade Opulent Coral 03. Its a beautiful orangey colour with a hint of red. I personally think this looks great teamed with either cobalt blue clothing, accessories or even eye makeup.  The texture is very creamy so application is very easy and gives a very pigmented full look. This lipstick lives up to its "Exotic Shine" name as it leaves a beautiful shine almost like a lip gloss but feels like a lipstick still. Great for anyone who doesn't like the texture of gloss. 

This is great for your holiday makeup bag if you are looking to impress. This shade compliments your tan and looks amazing. The staying power is also very good and I only had to re-apply once through my night out. At only £5.90 this is such a great bargain. 

If you would like your own Exotic Shine Lipstick visit the KIKO COSMETICS website. You can also view more shades. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mac Pearlmatte Face Powder - Pink Butter Cream

First of all lets all just take a moment to look at how beautiful this powder is ! I actually kept this powder in its box for a while as it looks so gorgeous. I'm the type of girl who usually cant even wait to get home to test out my makeup. You will often find me in the car testing out the latest product I have just bought.

As soon as I saw this face powder I knew I wanted it. It was straight in my basket before I even knew what it was actually for.

 So this Pearlmatte Face Powder is in Shade - Pink Butter Cream. (How cute !) 
The powder has a light silvery pink base with dark pink flowers and perwinkle leaves    
This could be used for a very pale light pink blush on very fair people but is more likely to be used as a highlighter. 

If your looking for a beautiful frosty glow this is the perfect face powder for you. This is a great product to add with your contouring kit. With its unique pink shimmery sheen its bound to give you a classy healthy glow. 

Although this may seem a little strange I also think this creates a gorgeous eye shadow for around the eyes. Especially days you are feeling a little tired and its showing, this will soon brighten you up.  

I bought the Pearlmatte face powder at Bicester Village. As it was in an outlet store I only had to pay £15.25. Which I think is a great bargain.  
Also another bonus with this product, the flower design stays intact throughout ! So no worries about ruining this lovely design. 

Have you used any of the Pearlmatt Face Powders ?
Whats your Favourite ? 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Barry M Silk Nail Varnish

Like most girls I can never have to many nail Varnishes. I am always drawn to the latest nail colours and styles. Your nails are a great way to finish of an outfit,they are more like a fashion accessory. 

Barry M Nail Varnishes have always stood out to me as being the most unique and daring with their colours and styles. So I always check the latest nail varnishes they have on sale. 

I recently came across the new silk collection and within a second I had the lovely blue Mist and pink Blossom in my hands. I love the silk collection and if I could stretch my money far enough I would have easily bought every colour. But for now I picked my two favoutrite colours and the rest will have to wait until next payday!  

So above we have the gorgeous girly Pink shade called Blossom. The nail varnish has a quick drying quality which is great as 2-3 coats brings out the best in the varnish. Blossom has a beautiful matte finish with a sweet shimmer. The colour gives of a very subtle metallic feel. I love metallic and pastels so this really is a combination of my two favourites. This is a beautiful colour for spring/summer and with pastel colours being so in fashion at the moment will compliment any pastel outfit.  

Below we have the beautiful blue shade called Mist. Again the varinish had a quick drying quality and looks better wit 2-3 coats. I feel Mist has a stronger matte finish but still has the subtle shimmer. Again this shade is great for spring/summer and will look perfect with any other pastel shade. I also reckon this shade would really compliment a lovely summer tan but unfortunately I am white as a ghost at the moment so I will have to just imagine.

Below I have added a photo of how the colours look on. I couldn't decide which colour I wanted to wear first so decided to wear both for a cute girly look. They look great together and really compliment each other. I really do love that with pastel colours you can mix as many as you want and they will not clash.

I can not wait until I have the whole collection and look forward to mix and matching all the colours together. The finish really does give a silky texture and has to be one of my new favoutite styles. I will definitely be wearing the Silky collection throughout summer/14. 

For the whole collection or to buy visit Barry M 

Thanks for reading ! 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Victoria's Secret Sparkling Citrus - Lemon Escape

I am very pleased to say Victoria Secret has now opened a store in my local shopping center ! As you can imagine its a pink, girly, pretty, heavenly smelling paradise for all girls ! 
I have before bought some of the body mists at the airport but have never tried any of the body lotions and shower gels. After a good 30 mins in the shop smelling every different body mist, body butter and shower gel I picked decided to go with the Sparkling Citrus range in the Lemon Escape scent. 

The packaging is slightly different to all the other products and has a slightly more sophisticated look about it. I wanted something that was different and unique smelling and this is just perfect. 
The lemon escape scent is made up of Lemon, Sugar, and coconut. As you can imagine it smells good enough to eat! Its sweet but fresh and not at all sickly. The smell is very soft and not at all over powering but is still noticeable.     

So out of the range here are the 3 products I decided to go with. 

 Lemon Escape Hydrating Body Lotion - This lotion is great for when you want to quickly moisterise with it quickly drying. Its lovely and fresh perfect for a wake me up scent in the morning. The scent stays on reasonably well but does last longer when topped up with the body mist. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without any greasy textures. The body lotion also has Vitamins E and C which are both antioxidants.  

Lemon Escape Body Mist-  You get a very good sized bottle of mist at 250ml. The smell as I said earlier is noticeable but not overpowering so you may want to spray a little more than you usually would. However with this sized bottle you wont need to worry about it running out. This is a lovely refreshing summer scent which I cant see myself getting bored of anytime soon.   

Lemon Escape Deep Softening Body Butter - You may be wondering why I decided to go with 2 moisterising products. The body butter is even more moisterising so is better for dryer areas. This is great for a extra special treatment. The body butter has a lovely deep moisterising finish without being to heavy. It leaves the skin feeling extra soft and smooth. Again the body butter also holds the amazing scent and teamed with the body mist makes the scent last even longer. 

Whats your favorite Victoria Secret scent ?