Monday, 31 March 2014

Victoria's Secret Sparkling Citrus - Lemon Escape

I am very pleased to say Victoria Secret has now opened a store in my local shopping center ! As you can imagine its a pink, girly, pretty, heavenly smelling paradise for all girls ! 
I have before bought some of the body mists at the airport but have never tried any of the body lotions and shower gels. After a good 30 mins in the shop smelling every different body mist, body butter and shower gel I picked decided to go with the Sparkling Citrus range in the Lemon Escape scent. 

The packaging is slightly different to all the other products and has a slightly more sophisticated look about it. I wanted something that was different and unique smelling and this is just perfect. 
The lemon escape scent is made up of Lemon, Sugar, and coconut. As you can imagine it smells good enough to eat! Its sweet but fresh and not at all sickly. The smell is very soft and not at all over powering but is still noticeable.     

So out of the range here are the 3 products I decided to go with. 

 Lemon Escape Hydrating Body Lotion - This lotion is great for when you want to quickly moisterise with it quickly drying. Its lovely and fresh perfect for a wake me up scent in the morning. The scent stays on reasonably well but does last longer when topped up with the body mist. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without any greasy textures. The body lotion also has Vitamins E and C which are both antioxidants.  

Lemon Escape Body Mist-  You get a very good sized bottle of mist at 250ml. The smell as I said earlier is noticeable but not overpowering so you may want to spray a little more than you usually would. However with this sized bottle you wont need to worry about it running out. This is a lovely refreshing summer scent which I cant see myself getting bored of anytime soon.   

Lemon Escape Deep Softening Body Butter - You may be wondering why I decided to go with 2 moisterising products. The body butter is even more moisterising so is better for dryer areas. This is great for a extra special treatment. The body butter has a lovely deep moisterising finish without being to heavy. It leaves the skin feeling extra soft and smooth. Again the body butter also holds the amazing scent and teamed with the body mist makes the scent last even longer. 

Whats your favorite Victoria Secret scent ?