Thursday, 12 December 2013

Eylure Natural Eye & Lash Kit

So I recently come across the Eylure Eye & Lash Kit. It took me about 3 seconds to decide I was going to buy this gorgeous kit. I really do love Eylure lashes so was very excited as soon as I saw the Kit. Whenever I go to a special occasion or clubbing with friends I feel naked without false lashes. Eylure is the first lash brand I reach for when it comes to lashes for personal use as well as for my shoots and makeup work.

So here is what you get inside the Kit.

First things first the eye shadow. As you can see in the photo above you get a lovely tutorial which shows how to apply all the products. Of course the eye shadow comes first. Its very helpful that each shadow has a name as well as the order number imprinted with in the shadow  

As you can see the eye shadows are 3 lovely natural shades which are really going to enhance the eye. 

1. Almond - This shade is a beautiful natural beige colour with a beautiful shimmery tone. 

2. Nutmeg - A slightly darker beige with a matte finish. 

3. Mocha - A gorgeous dark brown shade which will really enhance the sockets.

Just like the box says these 3 shades really are lovely and natural. They are perfect for enhancing the eyes and will look great on any eye shape or colour.

Next we have an Eylure Black Liquid Liner. The eyeliner applicator is a brush. The applicator is very easy to use and the actual brush is not too long so you can get a nice precise application.

If you feel the brush applicator is to long and you cant get the hang of it, just trim down the brushes for a more precise application.

The actual liner itself seems a great quality and applies very well. I hate the liquid liners that seem to remove themselves when you apply more. The liner also lasts well until you fully remove it. The liner removes really easy and doesn't leave any dark stains or tints that some liners can do.

I personally haven't used this mascara yet as I don't tend to use mascara when wearing lashes. I always apply mascara and lashes with my clients but personally I don't.

My lashes seem to soak up mascaras to much and make the false and real lashes look very un-even. I understand that no false lashes look natural but I do try and make my real and false lashes blend together as much as I can.

I do sometimes apply mascara to the lashes after the false lashes have been placed but mainly when I go to clubs. I only apply a very small amount and while the mascara is still wet I lightly press mine and the false lashes together.

 I haven't got round to using this mascara yet so I cant review it on its quality, but it does look great.

So saving the best until last we have the Eye Lashes !!!
As this is the natural set in this Kit you get the amazing 080 Lashes.
These lashes give a lovely soft natural fluffy look and really enhance the eye. The lining of the lash is almost invisible when applied so perfect for small soft eyeliner application.
So if you are looking for a great sexy full lash look but still want a  natural enhancing finish then these are the lashes for you.

You can buy these Kits online at Eylure the sets cost £19.50
There are 4 different sets to collect and I love them all !
I hope to get the other sets eventually and I will review them all too.

Have you tried any of the sets ?

Thanks for reading :D

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Revlon Black Cherry (Mac Dark Side Dupe)

Recently I have decided to become a little more adventurous with some of my makeup choices. For years I have stuck to different shades of pink as I know with a simple pink lipstick you just cant go wrong.  

I started noticing a few people were starting to wear dark burgundy shades of lipsticks. I then noticed this colour was starting to get more and more popular and being used in magazines and requested to me for photoshoots. So it only took me a matter of days to do a little research and get my hands on some.

Revlon Black Cherry has to be my absolute favorite shade at the moment. If your anything like me and love a great bargain then this is the perfect winter shade for you.

 The most used burgundy lipstick around at the moment is MAC Dark Side which i'm sure everyone knows about. I personally don't like to pay over £10 for a lipstick so wanted a cheaper alternative and the Revlon Black Cherry is almost Identical! The only difference I would say is the Revlon Lipstick maybe half a shade more berry like rather than browny. I'm Sure you could apply a lipstick to each lip and no one would notice the difference.   Also an added bonus with the Revlon Lipstick not only is it cheaper but you also get more product !

The photos I have took makes the lipstick look a little Gothic and scary ! When applied the shade of the lipstick has a lovely purpley red tone to it. It couldn't be a more perfect winter shade. The warm tone looks gorgeous teamed with burgundy and black clothes and accessories. This lipstick is also the perfect shade for Red Heads. I always wear this shade with my dip dyed red hair extensions.   

The Photo below I have took with the flash on my camera. As you can see in the photo this shows the colour of the lipstick a little more. You can see the berry burgundy shade a lot better. When applied the lipstick still doesnt come out as dark as the photo below. The lipstick itself has a much more feminine purpley pinky reddish tone. I personally like to apply the lipstick in one application and using my finger smudge the lipstick in. This gives a very soft ombre lip effect. For a darker and more even application I would apply 2 coats.      

The Photo Below is from a recent shoot. I used the Revlon Black Cherry and it honestly looked great. The model loved the shade so much herself she has also now bought it for personal use ! I couldn't recommend this shade more. You can wear it lightly and feminine for a gorgeous day look or apply theavy for a fierce unique party look.     

You can buy this lipstick at Boots for just £7.49 !
I know I keep saying this but this really is the perfect shade for the winter season.
If you want to stand out at the Christmas party's this year then what are you waiting for !

Have you fallen in love with some dark winter shades?
Thanks so much for reading !

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I’m A Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out Of Here !

First of all I just want to apologise for my lack of posts recently. I have had a hectic past few weeks due to Makeup courses, Photo shoots, Photography  and weddings ! I am surprised to see hardly anyone has unfollowed me ! So a massive massive thank you to everyone who has stuck by me and been very patient.

So its that time of year again and I'm A Celeb is back ! (Yaaaaay) 
If you love this programme then you will love this post and should do it too.
The idea has come from the amazing Rochelle and Natasha over at 
Check there blog out for more information on this tag and for a great blog in general that you wont be disappointed with !  

So if you read this then you are tagged ! 
The rules are very simple add the picture above, List the questions and then give your answers.  
Please leave your links below so I can see your answers too ! 

Here we go!

1) You can only take ONE product into the jungle (aka your luxury item). What would you choose and why?
2) What would be your main pre jungle worry?
3) You only have five minutes to get ready before going into the jungle, what would be your quick beauty routine?
4) Last year we saw Helen Flanagan wearing her hair in a top bun. What would be your signature hairstyle?
5) For moral support, which female celebrity would you like to be in the jungle with you?
6) Everyone’s given a role in the camp. What lifestyle skill would you bring to the jungle?
7) What one thing about being a beauty blogger sometimes makes you want to scream ‘Get Me Out Of Here’?
8) Challenge – This is a once in a life time opportunity. You’re up for a trial to face your fears or try something new, what would you choose to do and why?

1) My luxury item would be my Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I can get really bad dry skin on my face which at times can become quite painful. This is my absolute savior as it takes on the dry skin away and soothes my skin so is a must have wherever i go. 

2) Pre jungle worry would be any kind of small insect I can not stand any creepy crawlies and just turn into a blubbering mess of screaming, laughing and crying  if one comes near me so its safe to say I would be useless in the jungle. 

3) Ok so my five min quick routine would be - Foundation / 2mins
                                                                       Mascara / 1min 
                                                                       Blusher/ 30secs
                                                                       Lipstick / 1min 
     Perfume / 30 secs
If that's even possible haha.

4) My signature hair would be wavy beach hair I would make sure I get a good expensive pair of hair extensions for the length and plait the hair when wet and when dry take out the the plait for lovely wavyness haha.

5) For moral support I think I would take Jenifer Lawrence she seems so funny and down to earth in person so reckon she would be great fun. Also if she is anything like her character Katniss she would save me from everything haha. 

6) I think my role would be the Agony Aunt I am always trying to make people feel better and always try to stop arguments if I can. Plus i'm useless at anything else ha. 

7) Just trying to keep up to date with posts. As you can see I haven't been very good at that recently. 

8) It really depends what the trial is. If it was one to do with bugs I think I would go Helen Flanagen on everyone but if it was a physical trial like swimming, heights or puzzles I would defo be up to the challenge.

So that's it.
Remember If you read this you are tagged and leave your comments below with links to your answers

I cant wait to read all you wonderful bloggers answers 


Sunday, 20 October 2013


You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while.
 I'm currently doing a 5 week course  in 
At DFMA Makeup Academy. I am pleased to say I am part of the DFMA Pro Team !  
This takes up alot of my time juggling the course and my job throughout the week. I have 3 weeks left and will then be back to normal and have blog posts up weekly !  
I just want to say thank you for everyone being so patient and not un-following me ! and a big hello to all my new followers !

Here are a couple photos from the course so far :) 

( The model in the picture is only 18!)
 EyeBrow Blocking 
24hrs Dead Makeup
 Liner and Lips 

I will soon do a post all about DFMA so please feel free to ask my any questions and I will happily answer them.

A big thank you to you all again !
See you all Soon !

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Starting Off: Blusher

Blusher is one of the hardest things to get right. There are so many shades to choose from. When I first started using blusher I did not have a clue were to start ! I remember buying the brightest pink I could find and smothering my cheeks with it ! Its safe to say I looked awful. I then moved on to the brightest orange I could find as you can see it just gets worse and worse. So here I shall give you a little guide to blusher and help you make sure it doesn't ruin the beautiful makeup you want to achieve.

First of all choose what type of blusher you would like to use.
There are more available but these I personally think are best for beginners.  

Cream: Use sparingly and blend very well. Cream blushers are very well pigmented so can come out very strong. Best applied with fingers. 
Powder: Best for oily skin. Applies well and can be very pigmented depending on the brand or product you choose.  This is the most commonly used out of all the blushers you can get. Apply with a blusher brush.
Tint: Needs to be applied fast as it drys so quickly. This may take a few goes and need some practice. The tint can go a little streaky and once dried will not budge until you take it of so make sure it is perfect !  

What shade is best for you ? 
Here is just a little brief guide on what to pick just to be safe to start with.  

Pale skin - Light Pinks
Medium Skin- Peachy/orangey shades 
Dark skin - Rosie /dark pink shades

once you pick the blusher you want and the shade you want its time to apply !
First apply all your foundation, concealer etc.

Use a small sized blusher brush to apply. Suck in cheeks to make a fish like face and apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks. 
Make sure you apply a tiny amount at a time ! I can not exaggerate this enough due to how bad mine used to look !
You can always add more if needed. 
Make sure you blend it in well almost as if its not there and its just a natural tinge to your skin.
Then your good to go !

Here are a few of my favs at the moment.

                                      Rimmel Stay Blushed              Blsuhers from My Makeup Kit                                                    
                                                       Mac Pink Blush                                  Mac Happy Together                                          
Thanks for reading ! 

Starting Off : Bronzer

 Bronzer  is quite simple and easy to use and so easy to apply. The most important thing to choose for Bronzer is which shade you pick.

Bronzer is mainly used to make your face look more tanned. However it can also be used to contour. Contouring can be used to give an illusion for a new face shape  and create shadows to make the face look slimmer.   
Some people even use bronzer instead of a blusher. I have to admit I am guilty of this when going for a natural day look.

So the types of bronzer you can buy are 

Powder: By far the most common! Best suited for oily combination skin. Can also be used for an eye shadow if you even forget to pack any or run out ! Apply easly with a brush. Matt finish

Liquid: Glossy glowing finish. Blends well with foundation. Can be tricky to get this product perfect. Apply with fingertips or sponge.   

Cream: Used more commonly in winter months. Best suited for dry skin as it helps moisterise. Apply with brush, fingertips or sponge.

How to apply 
( Make sure you have applied foundation and concealer first)
I personally like to apply my bronzer with a brush.  Choose a wide. fluffy brush which is slightly rounded at the top. This will help give an even finish as you don't want patchy dots all over your face.  

Apply The bronzer onto areas that the sun will naturally tan the face. So apply to the top of the forehead, across the cheekbones and along the jawline. Also to help stand at a window with a mirror and see were the light hits your face. 

Apply very little at a time !  Bronzer is very easy to build up but if you apply to much you will have to take it all of and start again !!
Make sure the bronzer is blended in with the rest of your makeup for a smooth none patchy finish.

Here are some I use 

                                                         Kiko Trio Blusher                         Calvin Klien Blusher                                            

                                      M&S Cream Shimmer Bronzer                    N0 7 Mosaic Bronzer                                            

Thanks for reading !


Saturday, 28 September 2013

100 Follower Blog Giveaway !

I am so happy to say that I have reached over 100 followers on Bloglovin !
To show how truely great-full I am I have decided to do a blog giveaway :D

First things first the boring part Terms & Conditions 

This is a UK only giveaway
If under 18 I will need parental permission 
This giveaway is closely monitored and any False Entries will be removed 
The winner will be selected at random through Raffle Copter 
The winner will be announced on Twitter and Emailed personally 
The winner will have 3 days to reply. If the winner does not reply within the 3 days a new winner will be selected.  

Now for the Fun Bit The Prizes !! 

All Prize items are from Forever 21

1st we have Forever 21 Cosmetics Bag
Lovely Black Cosmetics bag with a silver zip. 
Inside the cosmetic bag is a beautiful heart patterned lining. 
This is the medium size bag so is perfect for carrying all your essentials on the go.

2nd we have Forever 21 Makeup Brush Set
5 Makeup Brush set that contains 
Eyebrow and Eyelash Comb
Eyebrow Brush
Blusher Brush 
Eyeshadow Brush 
Lip Brush
All brushes have the same pretty heart design as the Cosmetic Bag Lining so will go perfect together

Last but not least Forever 21 False Lashes #053 Feathered 
A gorgeous set of long lashes which will add glamour to any makeup.
They are so nice I very nearly kept these for myself !

I hope you all enter this giveaway and like the prizes I have chosen 
Good Luck everyone !
And thanks again without you all this wouldn't have happened ! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Vaseline Limited Edition Paint The Town Red Lip Tint Review

On a recent trip to Selfridges I came across this new Paint The Town red lip tint made by Vaseline.
Paint The Town is the latest in Vaseline's Limited edition range. This is the third Limited edition tint that Vaseline have brought out the first being Creme Brulee and the second being Pink Bubbly  
I love the design on the the lid of the lip tint. 
I think its a great idea that the red paint is dripping down the lid to form the silhouette of a city skyline.
 This is such a creative idea and also looks so pretty. 

 The colour of the tint in the tin looks a very deep dark red. However the lip tint gives a very light pinky tone to the lips. It is very subtle and only a few shades darker than your natural lip colour. It is noticeable that you have something on your lips but I wouldn't say that I would wear it for a night out on its own. This would be great teamed with a red lipstick for an extra added red glossy look for a more glamorous effect rather than just on its own. 
I would recommend this if you feel lipsticks don't suit you or you don't want to try them, but want a little extra something on a night out. 

The lovely tint has a gorgeous spiced berry flavour which smells amazing especially for the winter months. 
This limited edition lip tint is currently only available at Selfridges for £3.49. The tint will be sold in boots stores towards the end of September.
I think this is a great purchase and would recommend this to anyone. Its great teamed with red lipstick for a more glossy softer look and great on its own for a sweet subtle pinky shine.
As the tint is limited edition there is a limited supply so snap one up while you have the chance ! 

Thanks for reading.
Let me know if you have any comments or questions !

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Starting Off: Foundation

Foundation has to be the hardest makeup product to get perfect ! 
There are so many to choose from, So many colours, so many textures, so many brands. I could go on and on ! 
In this post I will explain all you need to know and the most important tips about choosing and applying foundation.

What To Pick ?

So first of all you need to know the types of foundation and what they do. 
Here are the main ones which I think are most important to know.

Liquid Foundation - I'm sure most people would agree this is the most popular type of foundation.
The coverage of liquid foundation can vary from light to full.
Great for all skin types but if you do have oily skin look for an oil free based liquid foundation.   
Apply easily  and smoothly using Brush, Sponge or even your fingers. 

Cream Foundation-  The cream foundation gives a very full coverage and if applied wrong can become cakey.
Cream foundation works best with dry skin as it gives a moisterising effect so will help smooth over any dry areas.  Try to avoid if you have oily skin as it will over moisterise you and could make your face very shiny. Also works well with normal skin type. 
Applies well but be careful not to apply to much as this foundation is very thick. Use a brush or Sponge, can also blend with fingers. 

Mouse Foundation-    Gives a smooth medium coverage but is build-able to full coverage. 
Mouse foundation is actually liquid foundation that had been whipped with air to give the mouse texture. This should make the foundation easier and smoother to apply. 
Works well for dry and mature skin as it does not cake up around fine lines and patchy/flaky sections of the face.
Apply with sponge, brush or fingers.   

Mineral/Powder Foundations- Gives a light  to medium coverage with a matt finish. 
Good for oily skin types. Also good for sensitive skin as these foundations do not have as many added ingredients. 
Apply with sponge or Brush. 

So after you have picked the foundation that suits you best make sure you choose the correct shade.
I cant stress enough when choosing a shade do not test the colour to the back of your hand ! 
Places to test the foundation for the best match are

Middle of face
Jaw line
 Top of Chest area 

please stick with these 3 areas as you will get the closest match. 
I prefer to test around the jaw line as this is the most tell tale place when a foundation is the wrong colour. 

Also make sure you are testing the foundation on clean skin not over the top of other makeup. 

How to apply ?

This is how I personally apply my foundation do what feels best for you. 
There are many different ways of applying foundation.
There are no wrong ways ! 

first of all apply a moisteriser or primer to give a nice smooth base to the makeup . It honestly does make a big difference and will make your foundation look much more fresh and smooth.

Using a brush apply foundation to the center of the face and apply outwards. Apply a little product at a time. You can build up if needed. You will be surprised how far a little foundation can go and you don't want to appear cakey ! Make sure to blend around Jawline, Neck and even around the ears ! Many people forget around the ears. This will give you an even complexion throughout.

Just make sure you blend blend blend !!

Its as simple as that ! 

Here are a few foundations I have tried and tested out. 

Let me know if you have any questions !
Hope you enjoy !
Thanks for reading 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

DIY Mini Bunting

I spotted these Mini Buntings at Newlook recently. There are 2 designs to choose from and I went for this cute Aztec style. They were along side all the festival goodies. They are supposed to go round your tent at festivals but I just love them for my room. They have also gone in the sale for £2 absolute bargain ! 

So here is a little guide on how to put the bunting together. 

Its really easy to do. I would just make sure that you put the ribbon on the right side of each section so you have the same consistency all the way through. 
I just love the colours and think they all work really well together. Its so girly so will go perfectly in my room.
I also think I love it even more considering I made it :)
These are great to hang in your room for a little something to add to your current decor. 

Hope you enjoy this post. 
Just a little thing I thought I should share :) 
Thanks for reading