Saturday, 21 September 2013

Vaseline Limited Edition Paint The Town Red Lip Tint Review

On a recent trip to Selfridges I came across this new Paint The Town red lip tint made by Vaseline.
Paint The Town is the latest in Vaseline's Limited edition range. This is the third Limited edition tint that Vaseline have brought out the first being Creme Brulee and the second being Pink Bubbly  
I love the design on the the lid of the lip tint. 
I think its a great idea that the red paint is dripping down the lid to form the silhouette of a city skyline.
 This is such a creative idea and also looks so pretty. 

 The colour of the tint in the tin looks a very deep dark red. However the lip tint gives a very light pinky tone to the lips. It is very subtle and only a few shades darker than your natural lip colour. It is noticeable that you have something on your lips but I wouldn't say that I would wear it for a night out on its own. This would be great teamed with a red lipstick for an extra added red glossy look for a more glamorous effect rather than just on its own. 
I would recommend this if you feel lipsticks don't suit you or you don't want to try them, but want a little extra something on a night out. 

The lovely tint has a gorgeous spiced berry flavour which smells amazing especially for the winter months. 
This limited edition lip tint is currently only available at Selfridges for £3.49. The tint will be sold in boots stores towards the end of September.
I think this is a great purchase and would recommend this to anyone. Its great teamed with red lipstick for a more glossy softer look and great on its own for a sweet subtle pinky shine.
As the tint is limited edition there is a limited supply so snap one up while you have the chance ! 

Thanks for reading.
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