Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nano-B Toothbrush*

Have you ever wondered or worried about the bacteria that can collect every day on your toothbrush ? If you have or do worry I would definitely recommend the Nano B Tooth Brush Range. Each tooth brush has an advanced anti bacterial technology within each bristle. This means healthier teeth and gums as-well as putting your mind at rest from all the nasty bugs that could be lurking on your toothbrush.

The Nano Toothbrushes bristles are made from Silver, Gold and Charcoal. These are all natural killers of unhealthy human cells. The special bristles have proven to kill up to an amazing 650 types of bacteria and viruses!  

I have been using my Nano B Toothbrushes for a couple months now so I can give a fair review. I honestly think they are great. After you have finished brushing your teeth feel smooth, clean and fresh. Its also great to know I wont have nasty unwanted bacteria's lurking on my toothbrush. 

There are two types of toothbrushes you can buy. 

< The Nano B Silver Toothbrush  for normal healthy teeth. 

Both priced at £7.99

The Nano B Charcoal and Gold Toothbrush for Stained and Discolored teeth. > 

I have tried out both toothbrushes and personally prefer the Charcoal and Gold Brush. I was worried at first the bristles would be tough and scratchy but this is not the case at all. The bristles are very soft and smooth, and give a professional clean finish. 

I also absolutely love the packaging of the tooth brushes. As you can see in the photos above each brush comes with its own case with a screw top. This is great for traveling as the little tubes are made of plastic so will keep each brush clean and protected. I think this is a really clever idea.

The design of the toothbrush it self is sleek and simple. Most tooth brushes can have garish and tacky colours. The Nano B Tooth brushes are very subtle and come in 3 different colours Blue, Pink and clear. The only downfall about the design is the logo on the bottom of the toothbrush starts to rub of after about a month of use. However that is the only fault I can find.    

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

MAC Eye-Shadow Duo

At the moment this is my absolute favourite makeup product. I bought this eye-shadow duo at Bicester Village in Oxford. I just liked the colours compared to the others that were available and wanted to purchase my first ever MAC eye-shadow. I have to say I am very pleased that I did pick this duo as I didn't realise how much I was actually going to love and use it ! I now understand why everyone says how great MAC eye-shadows really are. You get lovely strong bold colour without all the crumbly lose powder that falls and smudges. And the colours blend so easily with a beautiful professional finish.

So lets start with the gorgeous colour Radial Pink. The Radial Pink is a very light shade of white with a soft pink hint and a beautiful shimmery finish. This is a great colour to run across the eyelids leaving your eyes looking bigger and fresh. I never usually wear pinks for eye-shadows as I feel they can make your eyes look sore and irritated. However this shade is so light and frosty there is no chance of that happening. You really could pair this eye-shadow with any colour you wanted and the quality lets you blend the with such ease.

Next we have Shadowy Lady. This is a MAC classic. Im sure most MAC lovers will have this colour so you will all know how amazing it is. Shadowy Lady is a smokey blackened plum colour. I have noticed in other reviews people have found this shade hard to blend. I honestly haven't had this problem and the shadow has always blended nicely for me giving a gorgeous smokey effect. This colour is great to work into the socket giving a smokey contouring effect. Shadowy Lady has a stunning matte finish so works so well with the shimmery Radial Pink. This is also perfect to run along the lash line using an angled brush for a soft liner look. 

I have to admit at the moment I use this everyday! I just love how the colours blend together so well. It does help that I have green eyes so these two colours really help to enhance and bring out the green however I would still recommend this duo for any eye colour. You can play with the intensity of the colours and use the Radial Pink for a softer day time look. Then come night you can add more Shadowy Lady for a sexy smokey look.
Hope you enjoyed this review :D
Whats your favourtie MAC duo ?