Monday, 31 March 2014

Victoria's Secret Sparkling Citrus - Lemon Escape

I am very pleased to say Victoria Secret has now opened a store in my local shopping center ! As you can imagine its a pink, girly, pretty, heavenly smelling paradise for all girls ! 
I have before bought some of the body mists at the airport but have never tried any of the body lotions and shower gels. After a good 30 mins in the shop smelling every different body mist, body butter and shower gel I picked decided to go with the Sparkling Citrus range in the Lemon Escape scent. 

The packaging is slightly different to all the other products and has a slightly more sophisticated look about it. I wanted something that was different and unique smelling and this is just perfect. 
The lemon escape scent is made up of Lemon, Sugar, and coconut. As you can imagine it smells good enough to eat! Its sweet but fresh and not at all sickly. The smell is very soft and not at all over powering but is still noticeable.     

So out of the range here are the 3 products I decided to go with. 

 Lemon Escape Hydrating Body Lotion - This lotion is great for when you want to quickly moisterise with it quickly drying. Its lovely and fresh perfect for a wake me up scent in the morning. The scent stays on reasonably well but does last longer when topped up with the body mist. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without any greasy textures. The body lotion also has Vitamins E and C which are both antioxidants.  

Lemon Escape Body Mist-  You get a very good sized bottle of mist at 250ml. The smell as I said earlier is noticeable but not overpowering so you may want to spray a little more than you usually would. However with this sized bottle you wont need to worry about it running out. This is a lovely refreshing summer scent which I cant see myself getting bored of anytime soon.   

Lemon Escape Deep Softening Body Butter - You may be wondering why I decided to go with 2 moisterising products. The body butter is even more moisterising so is better for dryer areas. This is great for a extra special treatment. The body butter has a lovely deep moisterising finish without being to heavy. It leaves the skin feeling extra soft and smooth. Again the body butter also holds the amazing scent and teamed with the body mist makes the scent last even longer. 

Whats your favorite Victoria Secret scent ?

Monday, 24 March 2014

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Laquer - Criminal

As soon as I heard MUA were bringing out a Luxe range I knew I wanted to try it out.
I love lip lacquer's that give the appearance of lipsticks and this couldn't be more perfect for that.
 I feel lip lacquer's can sometimes be easier to apply than lipsticks.   
Knowing this was MUA Luxe range I was expecting the lip lacquer to be quite pricey but was pleasantly surprised to find out they only cost £3 !!! 

If your looking for a lip product that is completely matte this has definitely got that quality. The texture of the product is very thick so you only need to apply one coat at a time. However to get the perfect long lasting finish you must not press your lips together until the lip lacquer is 100% dry. When you are sure the lip lacquer has dried it should not budge. You should be able to rub your finger across your lips and have no residue on your hands whatsoever.  This is great for night out as you wont have to re apply every 5 mins (As long as you drink from a straw)       

The sophisticated designer packaging makes the lip lacquer look very expensive. Its very classy with the black lid gold writing and matte finish to the tube. Its a good size and as you only need to apply a little amount. I can see this lasting me for months. The Lacquer has a tight screw lid with a wand applicator so no worries of any leaking which is always a bonus.     

You can see from the photo above how thick the Lacquer comes out when applying.  When you first apply the lacquer has a liquid glossy texture. Remember to keep your lips separated and within a minute your lips should be completely dry and matte.     

The Shade I chose is - Criminal. Its a beautiful vibrant pink which really stands out. This shade will look amazing teamed with a dark navy dress for a night out. This will also be great for photo-shoots as the colour play of is just so bright and vivid. This most certainly will be making an appearance in my professional kit.   

If you would like to purchase a lip lacquer your self and also view the other shades click the link - MUA

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Jelly Shoes From New look

 Summer is surely on its way and after the little heatwave over the weekend I decided to do some summer shopping. While in New Look I came across these BEAUTIFUL Jelly Shoes.  
I love Jelly shoes and always have since I was a little girl. I actually used to wear the clear glittery Jelly's to primary school!
 I couldn't believe it last summer when they came back into fashion and was on the hunt to get some asap. The only pair I could find at the time were in office and cost over £25 ! 
I am so glad Jelly shoes are back again for summer 2014 and even the high street shops are now selling them. This is great news as we can now buy our Jelly Shoes for cheaper prices and collect many many colours Yay!    

I love love love pastel colours so have to admit the first thing that caught my eye about these shoes was the colour. I nearly jumped with joy when I realised they were infact Jelly Shoes. At only £14.99 these shoes are saving me £13.00 and I had a size 5 in my hands within seconds. 
 The quality of the Jelly's are actully very good. As I am used to paying over £25 for a pair I wasn't expecting the quality to be as good. I was very wrong and I can see these lasting me a long time. The heel is a very comfortable height and wont give you achy feet after 10 mins of wearing. They are great for summer activities and you could definitely last the day in them.
 The Jelly's are a little stiff to start with so I would advise wearing them around the house to soften them up before you spend the whole day in them. Going back to my childhood I would wear nice frilly socks with my Jelly's. This again is a great way to break them in and is a very cute quirky fashion look which I will definitely be sporting again. New Look actually have some lovely frilly socks in which will go perfect with these, And at only £1.99 that's a great bargain. 

If you would like to have some of the gorgeous shoes visit

Will you be buying any Jelly Shoes for your summer wardrobe?

Friday, 7 March 2014

KIKO Eye Base Primer Review

Everyday beauty companies seem to be bringing out new primers, creams, gels etc. I'm slowly but surely catching up with completing my skin prepping products. As you all know this can become very expensive so here I have found an amazing priced eye primer.  
For only £6.90 you can get Kiko's Eye Base Primer. I think this is a great price as some eye primers cost over £20 ! So when I saw this I just had to give it a try.

The primer is a good size at 10ml. You only have to use a very small amount at a time, so I can see this product lasting me a long time.  

The design and packaging looks very sleek and professional. With a little nozzle applicator its perfect to get out the exact amount you need.  Also I like that without a wand applicator you don't have to worry as much about spreading and collecting germs. The lid also screws on so do need to worry about the lid falling of in your makeup bag and leaking ! ( Don't you hate it when that happens )  

The primer is a mattifying mouse like texture. Its lovely and fluffy and applies perfectly. Its very easy to blend across the eyelid leaving a smooth and concealed finish. As you can see in the image the primer is a nude colour. This creates a lovely nude base on the eye lid removing any redness or imperfections you do not want to see. You could even use this on its own for a lovely natural look. The primer works like magic and adapts to your own skin colour so you don't need to worry if the shade will not suit you. 

The primer compliments all eye shadows making them look there best and helps eye shadows to last longer without creasing. As it leaves the eyes so smooth it makes blending eye shadows a dream.
 I will definitely be repurchasing this product.

 It really is a great quality product for the price and a great alternative to all the expensive eye primers.
If you would like to try out the eye primer visit
Thanks for reading !