Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What Is The Best Vanilla Body Spray ?

If your anything like me you will love love love all things vanilla. I have been trying all different types of vanilla body sprays and would say these 3 have been the best that I have come across so far. I thought I would compare the 3 body sprays and see what one comes out on top!  


First we have Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray. This body spray definitely wins best value for money at only £2.00 for 150 ml. I have always purchased this body spray ever since I was a young girl. I'm sure this was pretty much one of my first ever beauty products I ever purchased when I was first allowed to go shopping with friends.  
The packaging is fairly simple with a plastic bottle and basic labeling
The smell is very fresh and light. Its not too sweet but you can still smell the Vanilla. I feel that you do have to apply quite a few sprays in order for the smell to be noticed and to linger throughout the day. I would recommend keeping the product in your bag and reapplying every so often if you want others to notice the scent. 
This is definitely more of a daytime body spray to use opposed to going for a night out.
Its also great stocking filler and great to add to little prezzies for friends.

Smell 3/5
Durability 2/5
Design 2/5
Price 4/5
Amount 3/5



Second we have Victoria Secret Vanilla Lace Fragrance Mist. I purchased this at the Airport as I forgot to pack any perfume. There were so many to choose from but I decided to go with the Vanilla Lace.
The Packaging comes in a plastic bottle but with pretty labeling. I like that the bottle has a background picture and have not seen this with in a body spray before. 
This product smells absolutely amazing ! The Vanilla really stands out with in the scent. It has a smooth rich smell making you smell like fresh vanilla cupcakes that have just come out the oven ! If your not into sweet sugary smelling products I wouldn't recommend this for you. The scent has a musk added to tone down the sweetness otherwise i'm sure you would smell like you just poured vanilla essence over your body !  

I have received many compliments while wearing this product as the smell lingers all day. I wear this body spray for all occasions during the day and on a night out. 

When I bought this product it cost me £8 but I did buy this at the airport so it was duty free. Victoria secret unfortunately do not have a UK website but do have a store located within Bond Street in London. I think the Body Sprays retail around £12 but then add deals if you buy 3 or more. This is quite pricey but you do receive 250 ml so they do last quite along time.  

Smell 5/5
Durability 4/5
Design 4/5
Price 2/5
Amount 4/5



Third we have The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist. I bought this as a friend of mine was wearing it and I could smell the scent. I soon asked were it was from and bought some myself.  

The scent is another sweet vanilla smell rather than a fresh kind. Although it is not the sweetest I have smelled. I thought the scent would linger for a long time and smell strong throughout the day but it does ware off quite quickly. When I wear this I do keep it in my bag and top up throughout the day.

I like that the body mist comes in a glass bottle so it does look more like a perfume. 

The product costs £7.50 which is quite pricey considering you only get 100 ml per bottle which is the smallest amount of the 3.

I would personally wear this throughout the day as the scent isn't very strong so I don't feel it would last throughout the night.

I feel you pay more for the glass bottle than the product itself. But I do still love the smell.

Smell 4/5
Durability 4/5
Design 4/5
Price 2/5
Amount 2/5



So the winner is Victoria Secret Vanilla Lace !
The smell lingers the most within the 3 scents and all though it is the most expensive of the 3 you do get the most product. I personally prefer the sweeter Vanilla Scents and this is definitely the sweetest out of the 3. I also love the pretty packaging that comes with the bottle and the design, But the smell has definitely won me over ! Although it is annoying that you cant purchase from the online store I have found the product on Amazon and Ebay but just make sure it is genuine product !

Is there any vanilla body sprays that you like ? 
Have you tried any of these ?

Thank you for reading ! 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Marbella !

So I haven't posted in a while and that's due to the fact I have been on Holiday ! 
I have never wrote a lifestyle post before so I thought its time to try one out and write a little about my holiday :) 

I had been waiting for my holiday all year and I cant believe it is now over and done with. Me and my family stay in a lovely complex near the town of Marbella called Costalita in Spain .

My Holidays consist of shopping sunbathing and eating ! No early mornings for us !
After spending the day at the pool we usually ventured to Puerto Banus to find a restaurant for dinner.

Now if you watch Towie you will know what Puerto Banus is. For the people who don't its a lovely little Marina showing of lots of boats, expensive cars and designer shops.

One of my favorite shops to visit in Puerto Banus was the Kiko Makeup store. I had never heard of Kiko cosmetics before and absolutely loved everything in the shop and the prices were very reasonable. So I have come back with many Kiko products which I will be reviewing soon !

Here are a few pictures I took whilst being in sunny Spain.

 View from Restaurant in Puerto Banus
 View From Apartment
 Puro Beach at Laguna Village
 View from Restaurant in Puerto Banus

If You ever visit this part of Spain I would recommend that you visit

1. Laguna Village - La Pappardella (The staff are amazing and so funny with absolutely lovely food!)

2. Puerto Banus - Any Part

3.Estepona - La Antigua (Beautiful Restaurant 1 min walk away from apartment) 

Me and my family absolutely love this part of Spain. This has been our 7th trip ! (yup we love it that much)
So if your thinking of going here Book It ! 
You will not regret anything !

Thanks for Reading ! 

Saturday, 6 July 2013

MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick

I decided to get a light pink lipstick for the summer. This MAC lipstick in Satin Fusion Pink is the perfect colour for me. The colour goes on really well and lasts for hours as all MAC products do.  
I think this lipstick would also look great teamed with a gloss on top for added shine.
As this is a satin finish lipstick i find that it can be a little drying. I apply a small amount of lip balm before applying this lipstick to stop my lips from drying out. 
It is quite expensive at £15.00 but that's how much you pay for a MAC lipstick !

In the pictures i have added the lipstick itself looks a lot darker than it is. Below is a picture of how the colour looks on my lips. So you can see it is lighter on my lips.

This is a very subtle shade but can easily be built up for a more vibrant look to stand out. This colour is also really easy to mix with darker pinks and vibrant reds to tone them down slightly . I really do think this is the perfect summer shade and has so far complimented all my makeup and outfit choices. 

I will definitely repurchase this when i run out as i love this shade. But i will look out for other brands with the same colour for a cheaper alternative. 

Whats your favorite MAC Lipstick shade ? Do you like to use the satin finish ? 

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Body Shop Born Lippy Pomegranate

On a recent shopping trip with a friend i got The Body Shops Born Lippy lip balm in Pomegranate (now that's a mouthful) . 
I had no intention of getting the lip balm but looking on the voucher codes app this lip balm popped up.  
By showing the code at the tills you received a free lip balm !
Usually you only get offers like this when you spend over a certain amount of money, but I didn't have to spend a thing. I simply just showed the code at the tills and could pick any shade I wanted. 

The lip Balms are usually £3 which is a great price anyway but even better for free. 

The lip Balm comes in 6 different shades.
Toffee - Caramel Tint  
Lychee - Transparent Shimmer 
Plum - Plum Tint
Pomegranate - Red Tint
Strawberry - Pink Tint
Pink Berry - Light Pink Tint

I don't usually go for red colours but I thought I have enough pink lipsticks and lip balms to last me for the next 10 years (well if the expiry date lasted that long!).
I wasn't really expecting much colour to come through after applying but there is a lovely subtle red tint with a nice shine. You can definitely tell that something has been applied to your lips.
The smell of the lip balm is lovely. You can really smell the Pomegranate. Its very fruity and sweet.   
  This lip balm is also one of the best for moisterising. It has left my lips feeling completely soft and nourished. 
If the weather it cold outside or Lovely and Sunny this is great to use. 

 I also love the pop art style on the packaging. It makes the lip balm stand out as most lip balms are quite simple and block colours. I know the design definitely made me want the lip balm even more.

To buy this product please visit The Body Shop

Have you used any of the Born Lippy range ? What do you think ?

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Rub Rub Rub Lush Shower Scrub

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub is another product I received in a recent gift box. Personally I wouldn't have chose this in the shop as I usually go for more girly products. When you first open the scrub it smells fresh and floral. I usually go for more sweet smelling things but I still thought this scrub smelt nice. One thing I did really like about the product straight away was the colour. The colour is a bright blue which makes it more appealing to me as its nice to look at. 

Before using i looked up the product on the lush website. I found out that this scrub is unisex so this is great to have in the bathroom for anyone to use. 

The main ingredients used for this scrub are Mineral rich sea salt for the exfoliation, organic lemon juice, mimosa and orange flower which adds the great smell. 

The sea salt used in the scrub is extra special as it had been through a long process. The sea water is harvested from the shores in Spain. Then is channeled until the water evaporates leaving behind crystallized salt. The process takes 3 years !.

There are a couple ways to use the scrub. You can apply to dry skin before you shower for a more intense exfoliation, or you can use like a shower gel and apply while in the shower. You can even apply to your hair for a volumizing treatment ! Personally i haven't tried this as i am not sure i would get all the salt out of my hair.

The Mimosa and Orange flower leaves your skin smelling fresh hours after use. The smell lingers for most of the day after using so this is a great bonus. 

This is a slightly smaller pot than when you purchase the item individually. The scrub costs £7.95 for 330g of product. This is quite a lot for just a shower scrub but when you think about the process the scrub has been through and the scrub itself lasts around 3 months so it is quite a reasonable price.  

After using the scrub i definitely think i should start looking out for other products not just pink ones !
This is a great scrub for men as well as women so is great for you and your partner to use. 
I am definitely going to re purchase this when i run out and am so glad it popped up in my gift box otherwise i wouldn't have tried it ! 

Have you tried the scrub ? What do you think about using it in your hair !?  please leave your comments :)

You can but this product at your nearest store or at LUSH
Thanks for reading