Thursday, 25 September 2014

TED BAKER Pout and Prejudice 3 Lipstick Set

Its that time of year again ! Boots have the Christmas Gifts sets back on the shelf's. 
Now I am sure you all know by now that I do love myself a good bargain. I always take a little look at the Christmas gift sets as you always seem to get a bit more for your money, Or even better a limited edition set. There is nothing wrong with buying yourself a little present (well I tell myself that anyway) 

This little set comes in a gorgeous metal tin. The lid has a lovely vintage design with cute houses in gorgeous pastel colours, So cute! The tin is perfect for keeping your lipsticks in or storing anything you like in there . Its a great size so perfect to pop in your bag when your on the go.  

So here are the three shades we have Nude, Peach and Red. They are a lovely little Treo and although are quite similar shades they all look very different on, I also love the design of the lipsticks themselves. The Classic Ted Baker baby pink teamed with rose gold is definitely a winner for me!
All the lipsticks have the same texture which is very moisterising and creamy. They are a delight to put on as they feel so soft and nourishing.

 So the first of out three shades is Nude. I love this shade, It gives a beautiful subtle shine. This will definitely compliment any outfit or eye makeup. It really is the perfect shade of nude. Its not too light which can sometimes give the "foundation lips" look. And it's not to dark so it will suit every skin type. 
 Moving on to the second shade we have Peach. Its a beautiful pinky tone. This vibrant pink will really compliment all makeup. If your looking to add a girly touch to your outfit or makeup, Peach is a great shade to reach for.  
 Last but not least we have shade Red. Now this has to be one of my favourite red lipsticks. The pigments in this red are just perfect. Its a lovely creamy red which is very vivid but at the same time very subtle. Its a very pinky red so gives a lovely girly finish. Some red lipsticks you can spend forever perfecting as you have to get it just right, However this Red applies very easily and quickly. 

These are great to keep in your bag on the go or gorgeous to keep for special occasions. You can use your Nude lipstick during the day and glamorise your look with the gorgeous Red in the evening for a whole new style. If you would like to purchase this set please visit Boots. At only £15 this makes each lipstick only £5!  The quality is amazing for this price. I may even buy myself one more set as I know these shades will be dearly missed when they run out!

Whats your favourite shade from this gorgeous Treo ?