Friday, 22 August 2014

My V Festival experience

At the weekend I was lucky enough to go to V FESTIVAL !! My beautiful best friend entered a raffle at ASOS and won some FREE TICKETS ! I was lucky enough to be picked to go along with her. 
I was a little nervous at first as I had never been to a festival before. I don't really do well in crowded places but didn't want that to make me miss an amazing opportunity. So I packed my rescue remedies and headed of to my friends to get the weekend started. 

We met another friend on the route to Cheslmsford and somehow ended up in Billericay (In essex not wales!) That will teach us to look were the train is going next time! 
However we still got to V early enough to not miss anything. 

Festivals look a lot busier in pictures and on the TV than they are in person. I was fine all day and had nothing to worry about. 

During the day I got to see a lot more artists than I thought I would.  In total we saw 
All Saints
George Ezra
Pixie Lott 
John Newman 
Ed Sheeran (Amaaaazing)
Blondie (on the way out)

Not bad for 1 day ! 
So below I have my favourite pictures of the day.

As I had never been to a festival before I didn't really know what to wear. I did a lot of hunting on fashion blogs for some festival looks. So with a few ideas in mind I had a look online and bought my outfit. 
I decided to go for a crochet top with a fringed bottom which was in the New Look Sale. 
A Kimono from Cameo Rose which was also in the New Look sale for just £12!
The shorts I already had again from New Look. I also already had my wellies which I hadn't had a chance to wear yet and they are from George at Asda.  I also added some flowers in my hair with a flowery head band from Clair's Accessories. 

I couldn't help myself and bought some of the merchandise that was on offer at the festival. I had my mind set on not buying anything but then I had such an amazing day and everything was Mint green which is my favourite colour. It would have been wrong not to ;D 
As I am a massive hoarder I have kept every bit of memorabilia possible. So I have my train ticket, bus ticket,V ticket etc (which is soon to hang on my mirror). Anyway me rambling on, we needed to buy a program to find out what time each artist was on but they were £10. Which I think is far to expensive. So we all split the price and I got to keep everything inside the pack as my lovely friends knew I was collecting everything possible from the day.    

I really did have such an amazing time. It was such a great day we had perfect weather which was a bonus. It was great to experience something new. I hope to start going to festivals from now on as I enjoyed it so much and i'm sure my friends feel the same. The only thing I would change for next years festival is to make sure I have glitter lots and lots of glitter!  
Also a fun game to play during the day is who can spot the most " Short Shorts" and the "Short Shorts of the day". 
Just make sure you don't get caught or things could get a bit awkward. 

I just want to say a big thank you to Nadine who invited me to come along with her as I would have never known how much I loved festivals without her. She is an amazing photographer so check her website out!

Thanks For Reading !

I would love to hear all about your festival experiences so leave them in the comments!