Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Peony Petal Blusher Mac

I have recently been looking to build up my makeup kit with a few more MAC products. As I have been doing a lot of weddings recently, I wanted a subtle pretty blusher that looks very natural. So I decided to take a trip to the MAC counter and see what colours they had. I was not disappointed. 

After playing around with hundreds of colours and my hands looking like pink patchwork, I decided to go for shade Peony Petal. Its a satin blusher so leaves a gorgeous matte finish which looks so natural. The colour is a beautiful cool pink with a blue tone to it. Perfect for summer or winter.  The pigment is a great quality so depending on how much you apply can be very vivid. However this blusher blends like a dream so perfect for natural contouring.  

This will definitely be in my makeup kit from now on and I cant wait to use it on the rest of this years brides.
If you would like to purchase Peony Petal blusher visit MAC. This blusher is the same price as all MAC blushers at £18. This is more expensive than a high street blusher however, as the blusher is so pigmented you wont need to use so much at a time so I can see this blusher lasting.     

Thank you so much for reading ! 
Whats your favourite MAC blusher ?