Thursday, 29 August 2013

Barry M Touch Of Magic Lip Paint

The first time I ever saw this lipstick was years ago when I was at school ! I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. Now years later I have finally purchased my own. And its still as amazing as it was all them years ago !

I do have to thank Kammi from for convincing my to buy this :) 

So you must be wondering why the hell it is green! As you apply the green lipstick it magically turns pink from the alkali on your lips. This does mean everyone shade will be different  depending on your alkaline levels. You could end up with a very pale pink colour or a vibrant cerise pink. 

I love the fact that everyone who uses this lipstick will have their own unique shade! 

So you can buy this Lipstick at most boots and superdrug stores. I cant seem to find this shade online so your best bet would be to look in a local shop. The lipstick's price is £4.49 which I think is great. 
As you an see below the lipstick is in shade TMLP. This stands for Touch Of Magic Lip Paint. 
I actually love that name I think it makes the lipstick sound very cute and girly.   

 So if you don't believe me and think i'm trying to fool you into buying a green lipstick, here is a picture of me applying the product.

I just love the shade that the lipstick creates for me. The lipstick feels very smooth and nourishing to your lips. I am quite surprised as I thought the colour changing effect could be very drying but this is not the case at all. Another great thing about this lipstick is how long it lasts on your lips ! I put this on around 6pm and didn't take any of before bed (whoops) When I woke you could still see the product! It had faded a little but was still noticeable. So this lipstick is great for when you only want to apply once or twice a day as it almost stains the lips a lovely pinky tone. If you are worried about the product staining just apply a little lip balm before applying the product and the barrier should stop the staining.    

So here is the complted look. I have applied 2-3 coats to make the shade a little more vibrant. The lipstick texture gives a lovely added shine. But as you can see the product does soak into the skin and stains the lips.  Personally I have no problem with this as I feel it makes the product last longer.

Would you like to try a colour changing lipstick ? Whats your favourite BarryM shade ?

Thanks for reading ! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Starting Off: Skincare

Everyone will have their very own skincare routine. When your first starting to experiment with skincare products it can be a bit scary as there is soooo many different brands, items, textures, smells  and so much more to take into consideration.

The main items to include within a skincare routine I think (as everyone is different) are 
  • Cleanser 
  • Exfoliator 
  • Toner
  • Moisturiser 
Another great thing to use is Makeup wipes ! They are so quick and easy to remove make up but I warn you now are so so so drying for your skin ! 

What Does It Do ? 
  • Cleanser  : Cleans away dirt,oils and removes makeup leaving your face feeling fresh and clean.
  • Exfoliator : Removes dry dead skin, impurities and grease . Helps to unblock pores and can also improve the pigmentation of the skin   
  • Toner : Takes away any left over makeup and dirt after cleansing. Prepares the skin for moisturiser. Some Toners can even minimize pore size !  
  • Moisturiser :   Moisturises the skin to keep it soft and dewy. Stops the skin from drying out and is also a great base for when applying makeup. 

How Do I Use It ?

  • Cleanser :
 You should always look at the directions given with the cleanser you buy as some can be slightly different. I am going to base mine on Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. 
You apply one pump of product into your hand and apply all over face.
Then using the cloth that comes with the cleanser run under warm water.
Then wipe of all cleanser on the face.
Its as simple as that !   

  • Exfoliator 
Again make sure you read the directions that come with the product !
you should only use this once a week as if you over exfoliate your face can become red and sore.
Apply a small amount to hand and then place on your troublesome areas for dry skin and blocked pores.
This would usually be Forehead,Nose,Cheeks and Chin . 
Try not to get this product near your eyes
Rub the product into your skin gently with small circular motions. 
If you find that it hurts you are doing it to hard ! 
Then wash of with warm water

  • Toner
To tone you should apply a small amount to a cotton wool pad and then apply all over the face. 
Again be careful around the  eyes.
Never apply too much to the cotton wool pad you don't want to waste any product. If you feel you need to add more to the cotton pad that's fine but you cant take it away !  

  • Moisturiser
Just apply either from the pot or tube into your hands and straight on to the face.
Again apply a little at a time as you don't want to waste any product.

What do you recommend ?

There are so many different types of skincare products. You can buy a skin care range that is perfect for you and your skin needs. The main skin types are Dry, Oily, Combination and sensitive so look out for the products that suit your skin type best. 

I have very bad dry/sensitive skin so all my skin care products are Liz Earle 
Liz Earl is quite expensive when your young but its a great idea to ask for these products for Christmas and birthday presents. They last along time so you don't need to replace them very often

once you find something that suits your skin you should stick to it. You will have to keep trying products until you find the perfect one for you. 

Here are some cleansers I have tried out
                   Liz Earle £ 14.75                        Soap & Glory £8.00                   Boots Essentials £1.50      

Here are some toners I have tried out 
                  Simple Facial Toner £2.99              Liz Earle Skin Tonic £13.25           

Please click the links under each picture if you would like to buy any products 

If you have any more questions please leave your comments below ! 
Thanks for reading I hope this helps ! 

Very Inspiring Blogger Award !

I was completely shocked when Amna nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award ! 
Please check out her amazing blog. Its full of unique one of a kind posts as well as the latest beauty products and beautiful nail art ! 
Amna's Blog is So please have a look :)

I'm sure you already know the rules for this award but just in case you don't here they are :)

1. Display Logo on blog
2. Link back to the person who nominated you
3. Share 7 Facts about yourself
4.  Nominate 10 other blogs of your choice to receive the award
5. Let them know you have nominated them !! (My Favourite bit)
And that's it ! 

So the 7 facts about me.  

  I am an only child ! Although it has never bothered me too much. I always have a friend over and have always been able to take a friend on holidays and trips out with me. However I would love a sibling connection that's one think I will never have ! 

 I have a slight obsession with snow white and collect anything snow white I come across. I have over 10 Dopey plush toys. I have the limited edition evil queen doll. The most gorgeous painting by Thomas Kinkade. Also a total of 5 Disney Traditions Ornaments. 
Scary I know !    

3. MUA:
 I am a qualified Professional Makeup Artist for Beauty and Fashion. I studied a 5 week intensive course which was a lot of hard work but I loved every single minuet !  

 I am doing a Special Effects Makeup Artistry Course in October. I am really looking forward to this but I am terrified of Blood ! I'm hoping this will cure my fear especially when I watch horror films, and hope I will be able to enjoy this course as much as the last one.

I started a Blog as the owner of DFMA Acadamy and Celebrity Makeup Artist  Davina Fermi recommended I should ! 

 My favourite Hobby apart from Makeup is Photography especially Wedding Photography.
I have a qualification in A level Photography and would love to combine my makeup and photography to pursue a career. 
Big Dream I know.

I just love Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter on toast. Peanut Butter in Chocolate. Peanut Butter Milkshake 
Peanut Butter on Oreo's! Peanut Butter on Chicken. Peanut Butter and Jam. Peanut Butter out the jar
I think you get the gist that I love Peanut Butter on almost everything !

So they are the 7 facts I could come up with  :)

Now for the best bit 
My Nominees ! 

Rachael -

Hope you check these lovely ladies out and enjoy this post !
Thanks again to Amna ! 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Starting Off Project (#theSOproject)

I have recently been looking to start a series post but could not think of any good ideas. Luckily for me +Stephanie Mapplebeck  has come up with an amazing idea which is The Starting Off Project.
So I am happy to say I am going to be taking part ! 

When I was first starting to experiment with makeup and beauty products I did not have a clue where to start ! And I am pretty sure this is the case for every teenager out there.

So this is a great chance for beauty bloggers to share their wisdom on all products, brands, makeup tools, makeup tips and so so so much more !

So the series will start at 6pm on Tuesday 27th of August and run for a total of 10 weeks. Each week a new topic will be uploaded for bloggers all over to share their information.

This is a great chance for bloggers to also share tips and tricks with anyone interested in beauty. I know I am very excited to read others posts too to find out all about other beauty products, brands  tips and tricks ! So don't feel that the posts are only aimed at teenagers !

I am really looking forward to starting this project and can't wait for Tuesday to come round !
I hope you will enjoy The Starting Off Project as much as I will and find the information useful.

For more information on The Starting Off Project please visit Steph's Blog

Also search #theSOproject on twitter to find others participating !

Thanks for reading !

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain

So I have been looking at a lot of blogs at the moment and noticed that orange lipsticks seem to be a must have at the moment !

I have always wanted a orange lipstick but have never felt brave enough to try one out. Now being a makeup artist I have tried out many different products and colours  and thought it was time to try out a orange lipstick. Especially as it is so on trend at the moment. 

I was going to buy a Revlon Lip Butter but decided to go with the Just Bitten range instead. I don't really know why I decided to go with the Just Bitten range it just seemed to appeal to me more. 

The Just Bitten range comes in a retractable crayon which I just love.  

I decided to go with colour Rendezvous. It is a lovely orange colour with a subtle coral tone. Most of the orange colours I tried out have had a red tone and look more red than orange so I was so pleased when I come across this colour.  

Now I know I keep stating that the Revlon Just Bitten is a lipstick but it is actually a Lip Balm Stain. However the colour does apply like a lipstick with a bonus of keeping your lips lovely and soft with the balm.  
The colour is very long lasting and I did recently wear the Revlon Just Bitten to an all day wedding. I only had to reapply twice throughout the day which is amazing as I was there from 1pm to around 10pm.   

So this is what the product looks like on. 

 1 Layer
Built coverage with 3 Layers

The colour is also build-able so you can apply lightly for a nice soft shade or layer up for a more vibrant orange color.

I am surprised how moistersing the product is as lip stains are usually quite drying. However I do not find the lip stain drying at all.  

I bought Lip Stain from boots recently. Luckily there was an offer to buy 2 products for £10 across all Revlon Products !
Its a great idea to look out for offers in the beauty stores. 
The Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain is usually £7.99 but I do think its worth the money.
You get a lot of product too so this should last you a long time. 
To buy this product Click the the Link > Boots 

Have you tried any of the Revlon Just Bitten Lip stains ? Whats your favourite shade ?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wedding Photography

So over the weekend I was invited to a wedding.
As you may have seen in my about me page I also have a passion for Photography.
  My absolute favorite kind of photography is Wedding Photography !
 So I took this opportunity to charge up my camera and take some photos. 

It was a gorgeous warm sunny day perfect for capturing the beautiful dewy wedding pictures that everyone loves.

So here are a few pictures I took I hope you enjoy them as much as I do !  

And here is a picture of Me and My Boyfriend  on the day.  

Hope you enjoy ! 
Thanks for looking ! 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Eylure Eye Lashes !

Now if your anything like me you will not be seen on a night out without a pair of eyelashes on !
I love eyelashes I really feel you can do so much more with your eye makeup with a pair of lashes on. 
When I do big dark eyeshadows and liners I feel my natural lashes seem to disappear and blend away so by adding a pair of lashes to the makeup, it makes your lashes stand out and also compliments your makeup. They are also great to glam up natural makeup for the extra oomph when you want to really stand out.

Applying lashes is very very tricky so I will soon do a step by step guide on how to apply them !

So here are a few of my absolute Favourite lashes from the Eylure Brand

I love these lashes they are quite minimal and great for applying lots of volume to the lashes without looking too much. They add a subtle volume and still look very natural. These are great to enhance your day make up or can be teamed with glamorous makeup to complete the perfect look for a special occasion.
They are a cute short length compared to some but really do add a lot of volume.
 I really feel these lashes compliment any look and I make sure I stock up on these! 

 These lashes I like to wear for nights out. They have a lovely flare as they start small and get longer as the lash goes along. This is great for a vintage 1940's glamour look. They add great volume even though the start of the lashes are shorter. The lashes are not to long either that they still look flattering and enhance every eye shape. So keep these for the very special occasions for that extra special look !

This style has got to be my favorite for a night out. They are full of volume and length so give the extra oomph to complete your look. I think these are more evening lashes and could look a little too much with day wear. They have a lovely curve throughout the lash which is such a great lash shape that will enhance any eye shape nicely. These lashes teamed with a bold liner and smokey eye look amazing ! I would definitely purchase these if you want your eyes to stand out.

Each pack of lashes comes with Adhesive Glue for easy application and range from £5 to £6
You can purchase any of these lashes on
If you want to look for any of the lashes in this post just type the lash number into the search box on the Eylure website. 

Do you like wearing false lashes ? Whats your favourite Lash brand?

Thanks for reading ! :D

Saturday, 10 August 2013

My Favourite Bed Head Styling Products



To use Ego Boost apply 1 or 2 pumps of product into your hand and then apply to damp hair. You can use all over but is designed to concentrate on  split ends. 

The texture of this product is very sticky but if you warm it up in your hand it soon smooths out and feels lovely in your hair. It can sometimes make your hair go a little hard but this only happens if you apply too much product. If you find that the product has made your hair a little stiff just use a brush or comb through the hair and it will leave it feeling soft and smooth in no time. 

This isn't my favourite Smelling product out of the ones I have on this post. However it still smells great ! Ego Boost has a Fruity Berry fragrance which leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean. 

So what does Ego Boost actually do ?
 Ego Boost lightly conditions the hair whist mending split ends and protecting dry and damaged hair from environmental elements, chemical treatments and excessive brushing and styling. The hair is left feeling smooth with renewed health and split ends and visible damage are reduced

I feel the product does what it says on the tin. It smells lovely makes your hair feel amazing. I will definitely be re purchasing this when it runs out.  



To use Spoil Me spray over all over dry or damp hair. I like to spray on damp hair before styling and re apply on dry hair the following day.

The texture of the product is just like a very light hair spray. The Spoil Me spray comes in a aerosol can so the product comes out with ease by simply just pressing the cap down.

Spoil Me has a lovely light citrus smell which leaves your hair looking and smelling fresh and clean. 

So what does Spoil Me actually do ?
Spoil Me protects from heat damage and tames flyaway hair whilst offering natural style movement and shine. This fine styling mist hydrates the hair and leaves your style with a light, static free hold.

I love this spray I think it is great for everyday use. I like that it gives you a light hold without making your hair feel heavy and bulky like some hair sprays can. I wouldnt like to use hair sprays on my hair everyday only usually on nights out so this is a great alternative as it is so light and fresh but still gives a light hold to your style. 

I also find the defrizzer side of the product is amazing it keeps my hair silky smooth and soft to the touch with no frizz. I have extremely curly hair especially when it is hot and humid and this always tames down the frizz. 

Spoil Me also comes in a huge bottle with 300ml so it lasts for ages!  I use quite alot at time when using this spray and it has lasted me a good 4 months and its not even finished yet !


Now this is my absolute favourite hair styling product I have ever used ! I cant get enough of this so make sure you take all this information in ;) You will not regret it ! 

To use Colour Goddess Leave In Conditioner spray all over wet/damp hair and comb through to make sure it is evenly spread. 

The texture of the product is very watery and you only need a few spays to have your hair completely covered. A little goes a long way ! 

The most amazing thing about this leave in conditioner has to be the smell ! It has a amazing Vanilla, Toffee, Fudge, Caramel Dessert, Sweet scent to it which is absolutely amazing. I love love love vanilla, toffee kind of smells so this is perfect for me. And the best thing about it is the smell lingers I have been asked many times what have I used in my hair as they can smell the delicious scent.   

So what does Colour Goddess Leave in condioner actually do ?
Colour Combat Colour Goddess Leave In Conditioner smoothes the cuticle to reduce frizz and adds shine and softness to the hair. Essential for colour treated hair, Colour Combat Colour Goddess Leave In Conditioner leaves the hair with renewed strength and an added boost of colour radiance and shine.

I love this product and it is by far my favourite and has also lasted me ages which is another bonus! The colour staying power is also great it has definitely helped improve my hair colour so I don't have to dye it as often. However I do use the shampoo and conditioner with in the same range so this propbably helps. My friend who is blonde also uses this in her hair as she loves the smell so if you are blonde and still want to try this product go ahead! It still keeps both our hair in great condition as it is so moisturising to the hair leaving it so soft to the touch.

And another added bonus which I haven't mentioned so far it is all a great frizz tamer and also heat protector ! This spray really does have so many benefits ! 



To use apply desired amount into hands and smooth all over wet hair. 

The texture of the product is very thick but smooth and creamy almost like a moisturiser. Again i use 1 or 2 pumps into my hand and warm the cream up to make it more of a runny substance to place through my hair. 

One of the main reasons again that I bought this is the scent. Small Talk smells amazing ! The scent is a heavenly creamy blueberry fruity smell. I'm guessing the bottle design was based on the blueberry scent!

So what does Small Talk actually do ?   
Small Talk gives life to limp hair and adds body and volume to finer hair types. When used on wet hair, Small Talk defines and separates the hair to offer improved styling control whilst smoothing and eliminating frizz on dry hair.

This product gives my hair plenty of bounce and body. Although my hair is naturally curly once I straighten it it goes very thin and limp so this is great to keep some bounce, shape and volume to my hair.

If you have ever bought any Bed Head products you will be aware that you can only buy these products from salons and websites. unfortunately you cant buy from the official TIGI website I took a risk and bought mine from Luckily all products were genuine and also slightly cheaper yay

So now you know my Favourite Bed Head products whats yours ?! Are you going to try any of these ? Please leave your comments 

Thanks for reading ! 

Thursday, 1 August 2013


So I have been Nominated for a Liebster award by Georgia and Hannah from
Their blog is amazing for reviews on the latest beauty products and Fashion trends you should definitely take a look ! 

The rules of the Liebster Award are simple:
  • Nominees must answer 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated them
  • Nominee then chooses 11 blogs with under 200 followers to pass the award onto. They let those bloggers know they’ve nominated them by commenting on their blog
  • The nominee comes up with 11 new questions for them to 


So my questions to answer are ...

If you were given a free pass to any shop, where you could just take whatever and as much as you wanted and money wasn't involved, which shop would you chose? 

I'm pretty sure most girls into makeup would chose the same as me but it would have to be MAC. I would absolutely love to have every MAC Brush for my makeup kit. And the endless colors of lipsticks and eye shadows would be prefect ! Never mind the flawless foundations and powders. AAA!  If only this could happen.  

Which animals characteristics and traits would you say are closest to yours?

This is a hard one ... I really cant think to answer this question! My favourite animal is my doggy Bella but she is a hyper crazy dog who is extremely loyal and friendly. So I guess I am kind of like that. 

What is your main goal in life, what is it that you most want to happen or to achieve?

My main goal in life it to become a Professional Makeup Artist. I am half way there as i am qualified its just now the hard bit "Getting noticed!" I would love to do wedding makeup more than anything knowing that you have made someones most special day of there life really gives me a satisfied feeling and I feel there is no better achievement that that ! 

Which character would you most like to be, from any TV show or film and why?

The Character I would like to be is Katniss Everdeen. (Not the usual kind of character a makeup artist would choose.) I chose this character not just because I am so in love with the whole hunger games series, But Katniss is an amazing character who shows you can do what ever you want when you put your mind to it. She is a very strong woman and shows so much girl power ! I also love the outfits and costumes throughout the books and films and love the idea of having a dress that turns from black to fire as I spin ! Fighting for your life and still looking amazing at the same time is a great quality ;) 

If you could go back in time, or forward to the future, to any date where would you go (era, time,event)?

This is a hard one as I would love to go into the future as I am sure there will be so many amazing things and new trends that I couldn't even imagine ! But to play it safe I will say back to the 80's I love the 80's fashion and music. I love looking through what my mum would wear when she was a teen and wished she kept all her clothes for me ! 

 Where is your favourite place in the world?

I am a big big kid deep down and when ever I get asked this question every time the answer is Disney Florida ! 

If you could have any job/career what would it be?

I would love to be a Professional Makeup Artist as you may have seen in the post before but another dream would be to work at MAC and even better make it into the MAC pro team. 

If you had to live off one take away or restaurant every day for the rest of your life, which take away/restaurant would it be?

Probably be Chinese there is so much variety I would never get bored and I just love Chinese ! 

What is your number one beauty tip?

Eyebrows are sisters not twins ! Don't spend hours matching them perfectly as they will then look odd everyone's natural eyebrows are slightly different and it should always be that way.

Why do you blog?
I have a passion for all things beauty and makeup. I like to show this through blogging and share with others advice and tips. I also love to read through others blogs in my spare time.

What is your absolute favourite make-up item, that you'd recommend to anyone?

My absolute favourite has to be Benefit There Real Mascara. It is by far the best mascara I have ever used ! When doing my makeup I always spend the most time on my lashes and with this Mascara you can work every lash. 

My 11 Questions are ...

1. How did you choose the name of your blog ?
2. Whats your favourite type of blog post ?
3. Summer or Winter?
4. If you could only use one makeup brand for the rest of your life what would you choose and why ?
5. What is your favourite beauty product and why ?
6. Whats your favourite book and what is it about ?
7. Christmas or Birthday what do you prefer ? 
8.Whats your best Makeup Tip ?
9.Whats your dream ambition ?
10.What was your best dream about ? 
11. Why have you chosen to start a Blog ? 

So the people I nominate for the Liebster Are ...

Please leave your links below if you decide to answer my questions :) 
Thank You