Monday, 24 March 2014

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Laquer - Criminal

As soon as I heard MUA were bringing out a Luxe range I knew I wanted to try it out.
I love lip lacquer's that give the appearance of lipsticks and this couldn't be more perfect for that.
 I feel lip lacquer's can sometimes be easier to apply than lipsticks.   
Knowing this was MUA Luxe range I was expecting the lip lacquer to be quite pricey but was pleasantly surprised to find out they only cost £3 !!! 

If your looking for a lip product that is completely matte this has definitely got that quality. The texture of the product is very thick so you only need to apply one coat at a time. However to get the perfect long lasting finish you must not press your lips together until the lip lacquer is 100% dry. When you are sure the lip lacquer has dried it should not budge. You should be able to rub your finger across your lips and have no residue on your hands whatsoever.  This is great for night out as you wont have to re apply every 5 mins (As long as you drink from a straw)       

The sophisticated designer packaging makes the lip lacquer look very expensive. Its very classy with the black lid gold writing and matte finish to the tube. Its a good size and as you only need to apply a little amount. I can see this lasting me for months. The Lacquer has a tight screw lid with a wand applicator so no worries of any leaking which is always a bonus.     

You can see from the photo above how thick the Lacquer comes out when applying.  When you first apply the lacquer has a liquid glossy texture. Remember to keep your lips separated and within a minute your lips should be completely dry and matte.     

The Shade I chose is - Criminal. Its a beautiful vibrant pink which really stands out. This shade will look amazing teamed with a dark navy dress for a night out. This will also be great for photo-shoots as the colour play of is just so bright and vivid. This most certainly will be making an appearance in my professional kit.   

If you would like to purchase a lip lacquer your self and also view the other shades click the link - MUA