Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Starting Off: Foundation

Foundation has to be the hardest makeup product to get perfect ! 
There are so many to choose from, So many colours, so many textures, so many brands. I could go on and on ! 
In this post I will explain all you need to know and the most important tips about choosing and applying foundation.

What To Pick ?

So first of all you need to know the types of foundation and what they do. 
Here are the main ones which I think are most important to know.

Liquid Foundation - I'm sure most people would agree this is the most popular type of foundation.
The coverage of liquid foundation can vary from light to full.
Great for all skin types but if you do have oily skin look for an oil free based liquid foundation.   
Apply easily  and smoothly using Brush, Sponge or even your fingers. 

Cream Foundation-  The cream foundation gives a very full coverage and if applied wrong can become cakey.
Cream foundation works best with dry skin as it gives a moisterising effect so will help smooth over any dry areas.  Try to avoid if you have oily skin as it will over moisterise you and could make your face very shiny. Also works well with normal skin type. 
Applies well but be careful not to apply to much as this foundation is very thick. Use a brush or Sponge, can also blend with fingers. 

Mouse Foundation-    Gives a smooth medium coverage but is build-able to full coverage. 
Mouse foundation is actually liquid foundation that had been whipped with air to give the mouse texture. This should make the foundation easier and smoother to apply. 
Works well for dry and mature skin as it does not cake up around fine lines and patchy/flaky sections of the face.
Apply with sponge, brush or fingers.   

Mineral/Powder Foundations- Gives a light  to medium coverage with a matt finish. 
Good for oily skin types. Also good for sensitive skin as these foundations do not have as many added ingredients. 
Apply with sponge or Brush. 

So after you have picked the foundation that suits you best make sure you choose the correct shade.
I cant stress enough when choosing a shade do not test the colour to the back of your hand ! 
Places to test the foundation for the best match are

Middle of face
Jaw line
 Top of Chest area 

please stick with these 3 areas as you will get the closest match. 
I prefer to test around the jaw line as this is the most tell tale place when a foundation is the wrong colour. 

Also make sure you are testing the foundation on clean skin not over the top of other makeup. 

How to apply ?

This is how I personally apply my foundation do what feels best for you. 
There are many different ways of applying foundation.
There are no wrong ways ! 

first of all apply a moisteriser or primer to give a nice smooth base to the makeup . It honestly does make a big difference and will make your foundation look much more fresh and smooth.

Using a brush apply foundation to the center of the face and apply outwards. Apply a little product at a time. You can build up if needed. You will be surprised how far a little foundation can go and you don't want to appear cakey ! Make sure to blend around Jawline, Neck and even around the ears ! Many people forget around the ears. This will give you an even complexion throughout.

Just make sure you blend blend blend !!

Its as simple as that ! 

Here are a few foundations I have tried and tested out. 

Let me know if you have any questions !
Hope you enjoy !
Thanks for reading