Sunday, 8 December 2013

Revlon Black Cherry (Mac Dark Side Dupe)

Recently I have decided to become a little more adventurous with some of my makeup choices. For years I have stuck to different shades of pink as I know with a simple pink lipstick you just cant go wrong.  

I started noticing a few people were starting to wear dark burgundy shades of lipsticks. I then noticed this colour was starting to get more and more popular and being used in magazines and requested to me for photoshoots. So it only took me a matter of days to do a little research and get my hands on some.

Revlon Black Cherry has to be my absolute favorite shade at the moment. If your anything like me and love a great bargain then this is the perfect winter shade for you.

 The most used burgundy lipstick around at the moment is MAC Dark Side which i'm sure everyone knows about. I personally don't like to pay over £10 for a lipstick so wanted a cheaper alternative and the Revlon Black Cherry is almost Identical! The only difference I would say is the Revlon Lipstick maybe half a shade more berry like rather than browny. I'm Sure you could apply a lipstick to each lip and no one would notice the difference.   Also an added bonus with the Revlon Lipstick not only is it cheaper but you also get more product !

The photos I have took makes the lipstick look a little Gothic and scary ! When applied the shade of the lipstick has a lovely purpley red tone to it. It couldn't be a more perfect winter shade. The warm tone looks gorgeous teamed with burgundy and black clothes and accessories. This lipstick is also the perfect shade for Red Heads. I always wear this shade with my dip dyed red hair extensions.   

The Photo below I have took with the flash on my camera. As you can see in the photo this shows the colour of the lipstick a little more. You can see the berry burgundy shade a lot better. When applied the lipstick still doesnt come out as dark as the photo below. The lipstick itself has a much more feminine purpley pinky reddish tone. I personally like to apply the lipstick in one application and using my finger smudge the lipstick in. This gives a very soft ombre lip effect. For a darker and more even application I would apply 2 coats.      

The Photo Below is from a recent shoot. I used the Revlon Black Cherry and it honestly looked great. The model loved the shade so much herself she has also now bought it for personal use ! I couldn't recommend this shade more. You can wear it lightly and feminine for a gorgeous day look or apply theavy for a fierce unique party look.     

You can buy this lipstick at Boots for just £7.49 !
I know I keep saying this but this really is the perfect shade for the winter season.
If you want to stand out at the Christmas party's this year then what are you waiting for !

Have you fallen in love with some dark winter shades?
Thanks so much for reading !