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All You Need To Know About DFMA

So if you're looking to join the world of makeup artistry it can be a bit daunting as to where to start.

There are many courses on offer which teach all sorts of classes and many different qualifications. It is very hard to determine out of all the courses available which academy will give you the most potential to start your career. 

Well look no further as DFMA has everything you need and more to get you on the ladder of the makeup artistry world. 

The Davinia Fermi Makeup Academy is the perfect school for everyone. They offer many courses to suit everybody's needs.  Starting with a 5 day course for those who want to trial if makeup artistry is something they would like to pursue, or to even brush up on your current skills.  You then have a full time 4 week course which really gives you great experience and preparation to become a true makeup artist. DFMA now even offer weekend courses for those who work during the week, so there really is something to suit everyone! 

One of the best things about DFMA is with each course you will each receive a complete makeup kit. This includes high quality makeup artist brushes which will be with you for life. DFMA has just launched their very own cosmetics ! ( How amazing is that !) Within your kits you will receive these brilliant DFMA products and a high quality hair kit. Combined both kits are worth over £650. Having your very own professional makeup kit is so important to start of your career. This helps save each student money and time as you can start with work straight away as you have everything you need. DFMA will also provide makeup from many high end brands for you to use during your course. Its like makeup heaven trust me !     

DFMA has amazing tutors who all have many years of experience. With each class having a maximum of only 14 students everyone receives a 1-1 experience with all the tutors.  This gives you a chance to really learn as you can ask many questions and they can help you with your personal needs. 

It is great to learn from different tutors as they all have many tips and tricks that you can learn. Every makeup artist has different qualities and styles and it is great to learn as many as possible. As DFMA provide a number of tutors for you during your course you are sure to pick up many tricks of the trade and hear all about each tutors individual experience. 

DFMA is a very hands on quality course. Every day is exciting and full of fun current and timeless looks. Everyday you will learn something new which will help you move forward into your dream career.  You have 2 main course types to choose from which are Fashion ,Media and Tv makeup and hair, and also Tv, Film and Theatre makeup and hair. Pick the Fashion course if you are more interested in fashion based makeup like photoshoots, magazines and advertising. If you are looking more towards special effects, Films and production makeup the Theatre course will be better for you. 

I have personally done both courses as I wanted to be qualified in all areas. I feel each course was as brilliant as each other and would recommend both courses to everyone !

So as I mentioned I have done both courses its only fair that I share with you some pictures from the courses I took part in. 
(Both collages range from my own, students and tutors work) 

Fashion Media and Tv Makeup and Hair

Tv, Film and Theatre Makeup And Hair

You also receive at the end of each course a personal photo shoot with 4 photos to start of your portfolio. This really gives you a head start for your career and gives you the opportunity to really show of your skills. You can choose anything you want for your final shoot so it is an amazing opportunity to get creative. You will also be taught on how to organise your shoot so you have plenty of time to prepare.  That is another thing that is so great with DFMA it doesn't just teach you makeup skills but also teaches you how to be prepared for any situation a makeup artist will face.

So you can see the quality of the final images you will receive here are my final shoots from each course I completed with DFMA.

Fashion Media and Tv Makeup and Hair

Tv, Film and Theatre Makeup And Hair

But wait it still gets better yet ! On the last day of your course you will also receive your certificate to prove you are now a qualified makeup artist. The DFMA qualification is recognised and looked highly upon throughout the makeup industry. Many girls just weeks after qualifying have found themselves on amazing shoots and receiving opportunities on even the high end makeup counters.

DFMA also offer a online community were you can communicate with every DFMA graduate and tutor. With in this you can ask for advice, share your work and jobs are posted daily ! So even when your course finishes DFMA keep on giving. 

So if you're looking to become qualified in makeup artistry DFMA will be the perfect academy for you. With the qualification you receive you can do anything you want within the industry. And with the amazing after care you receive you will be supported every step of the way. 

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Thank you so much for reading :)

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