Thursday, 28 May 2015

Decleor 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator Review

Working next to the Decleor Counter, I am always the first to know when new products venture on the shelf's. I hadn't bought any Decleor products before but there are a few items I would love to try. I am trying to be a good girl and wait for some of my current beauty products to run out before I add anymore to my collection, And being a beauty blogger i'm sure you know how hard this is for me! 

However one thing I did not own was a body exfoliator. Now with the summer season coming up its important to exfoliate. 
As I have a few holidays booked I want to keep my skin fresh and exfoliated so I do not peel when I get a tan! 
I also have some new fake tans I want to try out before my holidays and know rule number 1 is to exfoliate ! 

I must admit what drew me to this exfoliator was the smell. Its a beautiful fresh citrus which instantly reminded me of solero ice creams. This made me instantly want to use it and I also craved a solero ice cream ha. 

Some exfoliators can feel really rough and scratchy on the skin but this is not the case with Decleor's 1000 grain. The Gel turns into an oil as you massage the product into the skin. This gives a really easy application and helps the product go further. When the gel then comes into contact with water it turns into a lovely milky solution which helps to remove the exfoliator quickly. 

The packaging is staying true to Decleor's style keeping with the yellow simple but stylish theme. 
However on the back of the main box are instructions on how to apply the exfoliator and get the full benefits from the product. I think this is great as I would never had applied it like this if there was no instructions. 

The 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator costs £25 which is a little pricey but Decleor is a luxury brand. Also as you get 200ml and only need such a small amount to cover the body it should last you a few months. 

Decleor sometimes offer free gifts with purchases so always keep an eye out for a good deal. 

You can purchase this in some House Of Fraser stores or online at Decleor's Website. 

Whats your favourite Decleor Product ?

Thanks for reading !