Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Michael Kors Lip Lacquer Bombshell & Lip Luster Siren

On a recent trip to The Cosmetic Company Store I spotted these beautiful Michael Kors lip products. 
I do love the Michael Kors brand but never knew they also produced makeup!
So you can only imagine the smile on my face when I came across these items. I decided to go for The lip lacquer in shade Bombshell and lip luster in shade Siren. They are both beautiful fuchsia pink shades. You can never go wrong with a fuchsia pink in my eyes, and as I didn't know much about the quality of the products I wanted to keep safe with a shade that I knew I would like. 

The packaging has a very sophisticated edge. In my opinion its very glam and high-end. Im glad they have stuck with the Michael Kors style. I feel as soon as you look at this lipstick you can tell it has a Michael Kors esque about it. The only down side about the packaging itself is the finger prints. After each time the product is held I have to wipe over to remove my prints! However when you have wiped over and it looks brand new again. It really is a gorgeous design.   

I love the Michael Kors engraving down the back of the lipstick. Its a nice added touch which makes the lipstick look more designer rather than high street.   
Bombshell has a high coverage but with a sheer finish. It glides on evenly with very little effort. The shade is a beautiful raspberry fuchsia pink. I can see this shade working with any outfit and eye makeup.  This lipstick is very nourishing to the lips with added Vitamin E and Shea Butter. You can definitely feel how the lipstick smooths and moisturizes the lips as soon as you put it on.   

The packaging for the Lip Lusters again is very sophisticated. I like with the lip lusters you can see the colour of the gloss with its transparent design. Again I can see the Michael Kors style shine through. However the lid also leaves the finger prints so you do need to give a little wipe after each application unless they don't bother you!  

I really love this gloss. The shimmer is just enough to look pretty and sparkly without being over the top. In the picture above this is the gloss over the top of the lipstick. They pair perfectly together. I found when wearing the lipstick and gloss together it lasted alot longer than when worn individually. Both the lipstick and gloss on there own have a sheer to medium coverage. However paired together gives a full vibrant coverage. Again the lip luster has added vitamin E and Shea butter. 

I really do like the lip luster and lip lacquer. I will definitely be looking into buying some more shades in the future. I would also like to try more of the Michael Kors beauty products. 

If you would be interested in buying any of the products visit Michael Kors

Have you tried any of the Michael Kors makeup products ?